Wendy’s Is Finally Debuting This Fan-Favorite Menu Item Nationwide

Things are gettin' saucy.

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Back in December, Wendy’s teased us all by showing off its new line of Saucy Nuggs—but only at select locations in Ohio, far out of the reach of most fans. Now, at long last, the company is finally making the saucy snack available for the rest of us.

Fresh off its 1-cent Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger promotion, today the fast food chain is officially bringing its Saucy Nuggs to the masses, making them available across the United States.

The Nuggs come in 4, 6, 10, and 20-piece sizes and are “tossed and sauced” in one of seven different flavor combinations: Honey BBQ, Garlic Parm, Buffalo, Spicy Honey BBQ, Spicy Garlic Parm, Spicy Buffalo, and Spicy Ghost Pepper — all of which come with your choice of a side of Ranch or a side of Blue Cheese to dip them in.

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The Nuggs are sauced upon arrival by essentially placing them in a container with the sauce and shaking it up, giving you a uniform coating that will require you to have a stack of napkins handy while you’re enjoying them.

“This new innovation is all about providing a next-level culinary experience rooted in flavor,” John Li, global vice president of culinary innovation at The Wendy's Company, said in a statement announcing the new offering. “We crafted four unique sauces to complement the Wendy’s nugget experience and to provide fans with a variety of chicken options that meet their lifestyles and palates.”

If you want to try the Nuggs this week, however, it’s not as easy as hitting up your local drive-thru — at least not yet.

The Nuggs will officially hit the menu nationwide on June 10th. But this week the Ohio-based chain is offering a preview for customers who place their order via Wendy’s mobile app or through its website. And all this week, Wendy’s is lowering its in-app delivery fee to $0 through Friday — so you can get those Spicy Ghost Pepper Nuggs delivered for the cost of a tip.

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Next week, when the Nuggs are available on the traditional menu, Wendy’s is taking that delivery option a step further with a DoorDash promotion. From June 12 to June 18, if you spend $15 or more on the app you can score a free 6-piece Wendy’s standard Nuggs (crispy or spicy), and DashPass members get a free pack of the new Saucy Nuggs by spending $20, excluding taxes and fees.

As for what flavor those Nuggs are? That’s up to you.

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