Wendy’s Drops New ‘Saucy Nuggs’ in 7 Flavors

To celebrate the new iteration of Wendy's chicken nuggets, the brand is offering free delivery when ordering in the app



Wendy's Saucy Nuggs

Wendy’s is getting creative with their chicken nugget offerings.

The fast food chain recently announced the new Saucy Nuggs, which are their regular chicken nuggets but tossed in a choice of seven different sauces. When they hit restaurants nationwide on on Monday, June 10, the bites will be offered in four, six, 10 or 20 pieces.

The sauces come in both sweet and spicy flavors, starting with the classic honey BBQ, which is “full of smokiness and sweetness,” per a release. If you prefer a chicken nugget with more spice, Wendy’s is also introducing the spicy honey BBQ flavor with the “perfect balance of sweet and spicy.”

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The garlic parm is another “classic flavor” that presents a punchy, savory bite. It also has a spicy counterpart: the spicy garlic parm. This version is a “fiery twist on a classic,” plus the sauce includes four different types of roasted garlic.

You can never go wrong with buffalo nuggets! Wendy’s is also offering the fan-favorite flavor, which includes “buttery undertones with a subtle touch of vinegar.” The additional spicy buffalo option turns up the heat with an “intense kick,” per the release.

<p>Wendy's</p> Wendy's Saucy Nuggs


Wendy's Saucy Nuggs

Rounding out the seven flavors is spicy ghost pepper. This Saucy Nuggs offering is an “intensely spicy experience with a lingering depth.”

Eager fans have a chance to snag the menu items early by ordering on the Wendy’s app or website. To help give the new iteration of nuggs a warm welcome, the brand is offering free delivery on them in the app.

In May, Wendy’s dished out more chicken nugget news — the brand added a 50-piece “party pack” to the menu for just $15.

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The supersized nugget pack is available in spicy or regular every day at select Wendy’s locations nationwide. The pack is widely available but to ensure that your local spot has the Nuggs Party Pack, the chain launched a website to direct fans to the nearest participating Wendy’s.

The chicken nugget locator — called wendysnuggparty.com — was developed by Rashiq Zahid, who previously developed another interactive map that a Wendy's press release was sure to point out. Zahid’s other website, mcbroken.com, shows users if the McDonald’s ice cream machine is broken at their nearby location.

McBroken presents which locations have functioning dessert machines and the percentage of locations with broken ice cream makers, poking fun at the memes that McDonald’s ice cream machines are often out of order. At the top of the page, an ad for Wendy’s orange dreamsicle Frosty reads: “Orange you glad there’s always a Frosty?”

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