Weird Facebook glitch no one can explain

Holly Hales
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A unexplainable Facebook hack has sent users into a spin. Photo: Getty Images

After spending what sometimes feels like our entire lives online, Facebook’s ins and outs often seem like a breeze.

But now, one apparent glitch has sent users into a spiral as no one can explain just why the defect keeps happening.

The bug was first spotted in a popular Facebook group, where one user told others if they type the word ‘blah’ four or more times in a comment, the social networking site will convert it into another phrase.

But that’s not all. According to the original poster, while the translation will be visible publicly, users can’t see their own translation.

Unexplainable Facebook glitch

Intrigued by the phenomenon, users were quick to try the trick themselves—and some wacky responses soon followed.

The first woman’s comment turned itself into one centred on religion despite her not making reference to the subject at any earlier point.

“I don’t want to say anything to the name of God, I don’t want to say anything,” the comment read, despite initially being written as the word ‘blah’ 15 times over.

Another person’s led itself down a similar track, with perhaps even more intensity than the last.

Each of the initial comments were just the word 'blah' repeated over and over. Photo: Facebook

Some of the responses were wacky, to say the least. Photo: Facebook

Wacky responses

“Hello, I’m afraid of God,” it read. “I’m going to say anything about anything. Damn! I’m not going to talk about anything. No!? What? I’m afraid of anything? Hello.”

“God bless him, I swear to God,” a third translation continued.

Unsurprisingly, users were quick to find humour in the unexplainable blunder with some labelling it simply ‘hilarious’.

“This is weird as heck,” wrote one critic.

“Is there any kind of explanation for this?” asked another.

Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to Facebook for comment but the riddle, at present, remains unsolved.

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