This week's horoscopes: Week beginning 22nd July

If it’s your birthday…

It’s time for you to stand on your own two feet as much as you can. The Full Moon eclipse in your birthday charts suggests that the coming 12 months ahead are the time for you to move on from anyone who’s been holding you back in life. Break ties.

March 21 – April 19

Aries. Source: Getty

One of the less traditional but apt interpretations for what’s on in your chart now is that you need to seek a balance between the love you give and the love you receive.

Use the week to make sure you’re giving and getting love equally. Avoid arguments with a dear friend! If a friendship seems to be coming apart at the seams now, make sure you’re not being selfish. By the same token, make sure you’re not being trodden on, either!

April 20 – May 20

Taurus. Source: Getty

Only rarely will this message be boomed at you louder; strike a balance between giving your loved ones the attention they need versus all the hard work you have to do to achieve your ambitions.

Don’t neglect one part of your life for another. For some, serious work success awaits! The eclipse is all about the fact that no one ever lay on their deathbed and wished they had spent more time at the office if you get the picture.

May 21 – June 20

Gemini. Source: Getty

It could be the right time for you to stop thinking about the big picture and start to really drill down on the details of whatever your latest plan is. In other words, sure, dream big. But be sure that you do whatever it’s going to take to make your dreams real.

You have been through a tough time and the chances are you are still in recovery. Staying open to change is another key to happiness for you now.

June 21 – July 22

Cancer. Source: Getty

There are changes coming for you regarding your finances, as the Full Moon eclipse straddles both your Money Boxes. This can be the end of one cycle making way for a new one, so release whatever is no longer working for you financially. A great time to renegotiate a contract.

If you have big financial dreams and you’re wondering if and when they will ever come to fruition, keep working towards them as they could soon bear fruit at last!

July 23 – August 22

Leo. Source: Getty

Now is the time for you to be bold and truthful about who you do and don’t really want in your life. If there is someone upsetting you or otherwise giving you, oh mighty Leo, the run-around, then the Full Moon eclipse in your Love Zone is time to part company.

The Full Moon eclipse is actually massive news for you. If you have a relationship you’re trying to salvage, make sure you’re doing that for all the right reasons!

August 23 – September 22

Virgo. Source: Getty

Take as much time out as you need now, while the Sun moves through the most shadowy part of your chart. You’re allowed to want to be alone now – in fact, you’re downright encouraged!

Do your duties and then take some time out if you can. It’ll do you good! The eclipse for you is all about the balance you need between taking time to yourself versus all your duties. As a Virgo, you love to serve but don’t wear yourself out.

23 September – October 22

Libra. Source: Getty

You have put such a lot of focus and emphasis on your friends and social life lately. However, this week’s Full Moon eclipse is asking you to rein things in a little.

You need others but you also need to express yourself and also have your needs attended to. For
some Libras, the current stars are looking good when it comes to love and romance. So if you have your eye on someone, now could be the time to make your move.

23 October – November 21

Scorpio. Source: Getty

As much as you might be feeling tempted to climb your way to success right now, the skies have another suggestion; take some time out to be alone or with friends and/or family that you love, preferably at home or somewhere that feels like a sanctuary.

Rest up a bit! Sometimes you really do need to press OFF on the career and ambition and ON
in the personal life and when it comes to family. Life is too short not to!

22 November – December 21

Sagittarius. Source: Getty

The Full Moon eclipse this week is reminding you that you need to think positively and see the big picture of your life. If you’re aiming for something which you keep missing, remember to activate the law of attracting by focusing on how far you’ve come rather than on frustrations.

The eclipse is affecting your mind zones which means you have the chance to activate the power of yours! Read Practical Intuition by Laura Day if you don’t know where to start.

22 December – January 19

Capricorn. Source: Getty

How do you feel about collaborating with someone on a joint financial venture? Your current stars suggest endeavours that you undertake with a partner will potentially work out better for you than projects you try to carry off solo.

This is no reflection on you! It’s just your current stars. They are strongly suggesting that collaboration is the way forward for you now. Forget about trying to be an island. You’re going through a lot. You could use the support!

20 January – February 18

Aquarius. Source: Getty

The Full Moon eclipse is in Aquarius. That’s about as loud a message as you can get that something has to change. The thing with eclipses is that you need to make the changes required voluntarily, rather than allowing ‘fate’ to force your hand. That makes the whole process easier.

So this week, take the time to sit down with pen and paper and make a list of what you want to achieve and how you plan to make it happen.

February 19 – March 20

Pisces. Source: Getty

Your challenge now, should you choose to accept it, is to tread the fine line between doing all that you have to do to get everything done, and taking the time out you need to have anything even vaguely resembling inner peace.

Don’t sacrifice Zen for responsibility, or vice versa. The skies are strongly suggesting you work a little harder on the balancing act required to take care of business while still having time to unwind,
now and in the coming months.

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