This week's horoscopes: Week beginning 21st May

If it’s your birthday…

One thing is for sure, it’s an action-packed year ahead. There are so many planetary alignments in your chart and that can only mean one thing; lots of movement in your life in the coming 12 months.

A stand-out feature is the inspiration you can and should find at work now. If your work doesn’t life you up… find some new work.

March 21 – April 19

Aries. Source: Getty

This is the time for you to dream big when it comes to money. You are actually in a very good financial cycle.

If you haven’t started to make more cash yet, then stay optimistic and go on whatever adventures that you need to, to boost your bank account. (Of course, if you would rather not make extra cash, that is fine too, in which case this week can still be a big boon, spiritually-speaking, for you and all Aries.)

April 20 – May 20

Taurus. Source: Getty

If your love life is not inspiring you then you are either not trying hard enough or, frankly, you might be with the wrong person.

That might sound a bit rough but with the good astrological juju currently in your chart, you really should be either having a great time with the person who means the most to you, or if you’re single, you should be quite pleased with your “range of options”.

This week, you could even be inspired!

May 21 – June 20

Gemini. Source: Getty

After the rough time many Geminis are just emerging from, you’d think you might get a break, right? And guess what? There is one coming your way this week.

In fact, the planets are conspiring to help you have a much better time, now that all those very tough lessons of the past few years are behind you and getting filed under E for experience.

So see how good a time you can have this week. Challenge yourself! Do something uplifting!

June 21 – July 22

Cancer. Source: Getty

Nothing is more important to Cancerians than home and family, and so there is good news for you this week; if you have kids, or want them, it seems there are positive developments afoot for you.

And if you don’t have kids, but you have a love life, ditto. Good news awaits. And if you’re just flirting with someone new, the news is also upbeat.

Finally, for creative Cancerians, expect things to go your way. It’s Thank Your Lucky Stars time.

July 23 – August 22

Leo. Source: Getty

So how is life at home, and with the family? Where even is home, and does it make you happy? If you’re stretching yourself too thinly when it comes to spending time with people who feel like family, then this is the week to decide to spend more time wherever your heart is, and with whomsoever your heart is with.

If things have been tough with your family, and/or the people you love life, matters should improve now. Expect a resolution!

August 23 – September 22

Virgo. Source: Getty

You have one of the greatest gifts that the zodiac can offer you right now; Jupiter in your Mind Zone.

Jupiter is the planet of positivity and optimism, so having it in this part of your chart (also known as your Communications Zone) is a massive blessing. This is because Jupiter bestows you with the blessing of being able to look on the bright side and to focus on the positive.

And whether you believe it or not, that can be positively life-changing.

23 September – October 22

Libra. Source: Getty

If you are inspired by what you do, now is the time for you to work on your self-esteem. Do it and your whole life – your every single day life – will run better.

One issue that many Librans have is that you are so keen to be in relationship with as many people as possible that you sometimes put up with too much. Sometimes you just don’t care, which is great. But if someone is hurting you, give them a wide berth.

23 October – November 21

Scorpio. Source: Getty

This should be an overall great week for you, thanks to a wonderful link between Jupiter in your sign and dreamy Neptune.

You should be feeling extra lucky, #blessed, like the world is on your side, and even as though you’re getting more and more in touch with the unseen heavenly cosmic forces that guide all or lives.

If you feel ready to start a new Zen-style practise such as yoga, meditation or chanting, this is a great week for it.

22 November – December 21

Sagittarius. Source: Getty

You are a fun sign, that much we know. But there are two sides to you; the comic and the questing side.

The comic is the fun part of you that’s always quick with a joke and off on an adventure. The more serious side processes everything you see out in the world, and wonders how that all relates to everything else.

That second side of you will get more airtime this week. Indulge it. Life is about more than just parties!

22 December – January 19

Capricorn. Source: Getty

Here’s another reminder that your friends are your fortune at the moment, so lean on them as heavily as you need to.

This week, in fact, your social life looks amazingly good, so make sure you fulfil the potential of your stars and get out there and have some fun with the people you love the most.

Regular fun will work, but also something a bit more poetic and uplifting will also do your soul good in the coming seven days.

20 January – February 18

Aquarius. Source: Getty

Some of my favourite Aquarians are the least ambitious people I know. It makes sense, since Aquarians live outside the box and even actually off-grid.

You guys are the trailblazers. That said, you have amazing stars at work this week, if you’re one of the more ambitious Aquarians. And if you’re not, then whatever it is that you do that the world recognises you for, well that’s an area where you can really achieve this week, whatever “achievement” means to you.

February 19 – March 20

Pisces. Source: Getty

What is your biggest wish? Which dream inspires you the most? This is the week to believe that dreams can come true – because they really can!

Also this week brings a meeting between your two ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, moreover while Neptune is in your sign. It really doesn’t get a lot better than this.

Imagine five years have passed and everything has gone as well as you could imagine, what would your life look like? Visualise it all week.

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