15 Mind-Morphing Pictures That Will Destroy Your Visual Perspective In Ways You Didn't Know Were Possible

Welcome to this week's edition of ~photos that were so confusing, they stopped us in our tracks~. A recent head-scratching photo that stumped a lot of people was this cat. It is not photoshopped; can you figure it out?!

A cat peers through a small opening in a door, looking curiously into the room

If you're still perplexed, the cat is peeking around the corner of the wall and poking its head out.

u/YassarZ / reddit.com

1.For this week, let's begin with a rolling chair that is definitely not missing its leg:

A close-up shot of the legs and wheels of a rolling office chair on a striped rug

2.Let's move on to the windshield of this vehicle. A pole has not crashed directly through it:

A car with a power pole fallen into its windshield is parked on the side of a tree-lined street

3.This bike does, indeed, have front and back tires:

Mountain bike with a missing front wheel, resting on a dirt trail among grass and plants

4.These eyeglasses don't have weird eyeball-looking photos attached to them:

A pair of eyeglasses and headphones are on a white table with a red patterned runner

5.Speaking of lamps, it might really bug you trying to figure out how this one appears to be standing with just two legs:

Modern living room with a tripod floor lamp, white shade, window seat with cushions, lantern decor, and a fireplace

The third leg is perfectly hidden behind the leg on the right.

u/darkso1 / reddit.com

6.This is not an indention on a countertop, you just need to turn your phone upside down to realize it is a water splatter:

A water spill on a white surface resembling a surprised face with two eyes, a nose, and a mouth

7.Let's move on to this staircase that'll mess with your eyes. It is not a flooring contractor mishap:

A staircase with uneven, irregular steps leading to an upper level in a house. The steps vary in height and depth, posing a potential tripping hazard

8.This is not a fairly large shark that washed onto shore:

A small shark lies on a sandy beach next to seaweed and fishing equipment
u/AnnieB512 / reddit.com

It's just a little guy that was caught with a fishing pole:

A person holding a small shark by the ocean
u/AnnieB512 / reddit.com

9.This is not a photoshopped pic of nature, it is just real life:

A long, empty road flanked by tall trees on the left and a calm river on the right, extending into the horizon under a partly cloudy sky

10.This is not a giant step in front of someone's garage:

A newly constructed concrete driveway leads to a double-door garage with an adjacent carport in a wooded backyard setting

11.This is not a bedspread with an actual bear:

A black dog sleeps on a bear-themed bedspread that matches the pillowcases, featuring bear prints and bear images

12.While we are on the topic of dogs, this one is not driving a car:

Convertible with red rims at a green light; a person and a dog are in the car. Multiple retail signs in the background, including Big Lots and FoodMaxx

It is just in the backseat behind its human-driving owner.

u/One_Being_7336 / reddit.com

13.This is not a giant pool with floating rubber duckies, those are actual people in a normal-sized above-ground pool:

A round above-ground pool with two floating rubber ducks is viewed from the top of the pool ladder on a sunny day

14.This is not one frighteningly large praying mantis:

A praying mantis clings to a car window in a dimly lit parking lot at night

15.And since we started with a cat optical illusion, let's end on one. This cat does, in fact, have a body:

A close-up of a cat lying on a couch, looking relaxed with its head resting on the cushion.

Phew! Which one stumped you the most? Let us know in the comments...and be on the lookout for more confusing perspectives next week!