The Right Way To Drink Gin, According To An Expert

glass of gin with aromatics
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Quality gin is key to a bold gin and tonic cocktail and an important part of a classic negroni, but if you are a gin drinker who wants to enjoy the spirit more plainly, you want to keep some oversized ice cubes in your freezer. How do you drink it the right way? Gin expert Jess Stewart, Bar Director of Trust Restaurant Group, explained to Tasting Table that it's all about the chill: "I prefer gin chilled. Serve it over a big cube. It stays chilled and dilutes slower. I would recommend diluting it because it can have the same [or] similar proof as bourbon (40% alcohol)."

When gin is served cold, it is going to have more of a thick, silky texture in your mouth than it otherwise would, and that distinctive flavor that comes from the juniper berries will be tempered so it doesn't overwhelm your palate. If you drink gin neat, you may want to rethink this. There is a school of thought that says the drink should never be served at room temperature because the drinking experience won't be as pleasurable.

While having gin neat or on the rocks comes down to a personal preference, it is important to remember that room-temperature gin warms as you sip on it and hold your glass in your hand. Following Stewart's recommendation to serve it chilled and over ice should keep it closer to its optimal drinking temperature, which is between 42 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Keep It In The Freezer

Gin martinis
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If you don't feel like making ice, putting your gin in the fridge or the freezer is another option for keeping it cool. In fact, the freezer is an optimal storage place because there's no risk of your spirit becoming frozen. Gin is 37.5% alcohol by volume, which protects it from reaching a solid state. And if you are hosting a dinner party and your significant other brings home your favorite bottle of this booze, all you need is an hour to cool it down so that you can drink it properly.

Keeping your gin stored in a cool place will elevate your next gin martini, giving it a smoother taste. It will also ensure your next traditional gin gimlet or French 75 stays cold longer. But it is also important to remember that whether it is served chilled sans ice, on the rocks, or mixed with another ingredient, gin should always be sipped and savored.

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