Watch What Happens When Women Act Like Men

We've all been there: belittled by men while walking down the street for no good reason, or forced to wait around at the end of the night to be "safely" escorted home by a male.

Buzzfeed's latest viral video is one that has struck a nerve with us: it imagines what the world would be like if men were women, and how they would react in situations women face everyday.

From the man embarrassed walking down the street when two women yell out about his physique, to the stand-up comedian who's praised because he's "really funny and it's hard to find a dude that is", the video highlights the fact that we've still got a long way to go when it comes to gender equality.

While it offers no solution to the issue, the video ends with a young boy faced with a wall of female presidents: he looks perplexed and frustrated that there's not a single male up there.

It certainly made us think: imagine how young girls must be feeling today?

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