Watch Taylor Swift's Backup Dancer 'Fighting for His Life' Against the Wind During Eras Tour Intro

Taylor Swift performs on stage at the Eras Tour

Taylor Swift fans are applauding one of her backup dancers for putting up a fight against the difficult weather conditions in Edinburgh, Scotland.

While performing the first of three shows in the Scottish capital on Friday, June 7, Swift, 34, and her team had to deal with chilly temperatures and some strong wind—which almost knocked over one of her dancers.

During the beginning sequence of the show, where Swift's dancers walk out with giant parachute-like props behind them, dancer Jan Ravnik mustered all of his strength to prevent the wind from taking him down.

As seen in a fan-captured clip shared to X, Ravnik tried walking out in a straight line when the wind took him off course, prompting the spotter behind him to help him regain his footing.

"He was really fighting hard against the wind last night," one fan wrote online while sharing the now-viral video.

"The spotte[r] did the job," another user posted, adding that Ravnik was "fighting for his life."

Another account commented on the video to quip, "Cruel Scottish Summer," as the weather in Edinburgh seemed to cause all sorts of chaos on Friday night.

Even Swift had to pause one of her acoustic performances due to her hand being "frozen" into a cramp.

Fortunately, the "Fortnight" songstress was able to quickly warm up her hands by rubbing them together and getting rid of the cramp before continuing with the rest of the song.

Swifties are hoping for more forgiving weather at the pop star's upcoming shows in Edinburgh, taking place on June 8 and 9.

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