Watch Out Starbucks, Aldi's Egg Bites Are A Delicious Alternative

Bacon and cheddar egg bites on cutting board
Bacon and cheddar egg bites on cutting board - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

Starbucks egg bites make for a compact yet fulfilling breakfast, but they may not always be the most convenient or affordable option. Fortunately, you can find a worthy copycat at Aldi, which features two flavors of Breakfast Bites from its Whole & Simple brand. These omelet bites have people on Reddit talking, prompting comparisons between the Aldi version and what's available at Starbucks.

"I live for the sous vide egg bites at Starbucks but they are a special occasion treat," explained the Aldi shopper when speaking of the spinach and turkey sausage variety they'd purchased. In a different Reddit thread, another commenter went into a bit more detail while comparing the two. Per the commenter, the Aldi brand is "Similar, but a slightly different texture. Not as... soft? More like an omelette." The person went on to say that Aldi's bites "are also larger and more filling than Starbucks." That means you can enjoy the same quality snack at a much lower price, and without the need to visit a local Starbucks.

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Comparing Aldi And Starbucks Bites

Boxes of Aldi egg bites
Boxes of Aldi egg bites - theamazingaldi/Instagram

When it comes to flavors, Starbucks egg bites are available in Egg White & Roasted Red Pepper, Kale & Mushroom, and Bacon & Gruyère. Conversely, Aldi's Breakfast Bites feature turkey sausage paired with spinach and bell peppers with uncured ham and cheddar. As for their size, it appears that both versions are pretty hefty at around 2 ounces per bite. As explained in a Reddit thread about Aldi's product, "The "bites" were pretty large, I would not eat these in one bite."

As far as price is concerned, the cost of Aldi's omelet bites is not totally clear. They were described as being "about $5" on Reddit, but their price is not listed on the Aldi website (instead, shoppers are directed to visit their nearest location for the exact price). In comparison, the egg bites from Starbucks cost $5.25 before tax at certain locations. It should be noted that prices can vary from place to place, so other Starbucks locations might offer the bites for a different price. However, Redditors apparently feel that Aldi's version provides more food for about the same price, which would seem to make them the better buy overall.

Not Everyone Is A Fan Of Breakfast Bites

customers shopping at Aldi
customers shopping at Aldi - Nils Versemann/Shutterstock

Aldi has a history of trying to ensure its customers remain happy with the chain. And while the egg-based Breakfast Bites are beloved by many, not everyone is impressed. One Aldi shopper on Reddit was pleased with the bites overall but called out the spiciness of the turkey sausage. They also mentioned that the spinach flavor was a bit too mild for their liking, leading to a satisfying but unbalanced breakfast.

Another Redditor was a little more passionate about their dislike of the Whole & Simple Turkey Sausage & Spinach bites specifically. According to the commenter, "The other egg bites are good, but that cooked then frozen then reheated spinach is terrible." These criticisms could certainly be a matter of taste, as not every flavor combo will appeal to every palate. Also, Aldi customers can take heart in the fact that the grocery store often updates its products to ensure that shoppers remain happy. That means your luck may improve if you revisit the same item in the future.

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