Watch Robert Irwin Save a 'So Cute' Tree Snake That Tries to Bite Him in the Face

Robert Irwin

Once again, Robert Irwin has proven how much he's like his late father, Crocodile Hunter star Steve Irwin.

The 20-year-old son of Steve and Terri Irwin took to TikTok on Friday, March 1, to share an entertaining video with his followers.

"How cool is this? In the middle of the Crocoseum, have a look who's just on the fence," Robert said as he went over to pick up a rogue critter. "Hello, dude. A little green tree snake, a tiny one."

As Robert gently held the snake in his hands—he noted in the video's caption that it was non-venomous—the animal conservationist shared information about the creature.

"Here he is. He is so small. You're like a little noodle. Isn't he just so cute?" he said. "And he'll get a lot bigger. He's only very, very small."

Next, he relocated his new friend to a much safer area in order to release him back into the wild.

"I'm convinced that this little bloke just wanted to be a part of the Crocoseum show," he joked as the snake suddenly lunged for his head. "Oy! Did you see that? He tried to bite me on the face? When they start trying to bite you on the face, that's a good indication that it's time to let him go."

Robert then positioned the snake closer to the camera, and the "so cute" serpent redirected his aggressive lunges. "Oh, he's trying to bite you now," Robert narrated as the snake audibly tapped his phone.

He added: "Okay. All right, big bloke. You're very tough. There you go. See ya, mate!"

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In the comments, Robert's TikTok followers reacted to his handling of the misplaced snake, with one person writing, "Only Robert Irwin would say in such a calm voice and he just tried to bite me on the face 😁"

Another TikTok user commented, "The fact is while Steve Irwin is no longer with us (miss him dearly), the next generation gets his son and watch the same love come through him."

Someone else shared, "Reminds me of when Steve got bit by the python on the morning news and wasn't phased at all 😭."

Meanwhile, other followers couldn't get over how adorable the snake (and Robert) was in the video. One person commented, "He's a spicy little noodle!!" while another pointed out, "He booped us 🤣."

Someone else commented, "The little tap when he hits the camera 😭."

Another TikTok user wrote, "'OK little bloke. You're quite tough.' 😭😭 You're adorable."

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