Watch the 'Lucky' Bilingual 'Voice' Battle Worthy of a Playoff Pass

Kyle Schuesler, Madison Curbelo

Night 3 of the Battles will continue on The Voice on Monday night, but first Parade has a look at an early release Battle between Team Dan + Shay’s three-chair turn Kyle Schuesler and four-chair turn Madison Curbelo on a Latin-flavored version of Jason Mraz's "Lucky."

It’s the first time that Kyle is singing in Spanish, but the bilingual version of the song wins over all the coaches, so much so that Chance the Rapper urges Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney to use their Playoff Pass to keep both artists, so that John Legend can’t Steal one as John had turned for both Kyle and Madison during the Blind Auditions.

“How beautiful was that?” John said when the Battle wrapped. “I turned for both of you and you rejected me. It’s okay. You two gave us a beautiful, beautiful performance. I was truly enjoying myself the entire time. Madison, it was brilliant. And Kyle, I don’t know if you’ve sung in Spanish before…”

Kyle replied, “I haven’t.”

To which John said, “I believed you. When I am able to just enjoy and not over think it, when it’s in my heart and not my head, that’s when I know it’s great. That’s what I felt. It was in my heart. It was great. If it was me, I would very slightly lean toward Madison but, to me, it was so close.”

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Then Reba McEntire joked, “Well, y’all are really showoffs. Y’all did a great job. I absolutely loved it. Madison, your voice is incredible. I didn’t know what you were singing, but it touched my heart and that’s the main thing and that’s what matters. Kyle, I love your tone. It just makes me feel good. Both of you are wonderful. If I had to decide, Kyle, I think, I would go with you.”

“I’m going to be completely honest,” Chance said. “Both of you guys could win the entire competition. Neither of you guys should leave. I think John is going to try to Steal Kyle, so if I was Dan + Shay, I would use my Playoff Pass right now.”

John jumped in and said to Chance, “Stay out of this. Enough!”

Chance responded, “I could be wrong.”

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Then it was time for Dan + Shay to weigh in, especially since theirs is the only opinion that really matters.

Dan said, “I am so proud of you both. This was the most cohesive performance so far. I feel like your individual performances were incredible, but together, it was so locked in. I felt the energy, I felt the magic, I felt the chemistry between the two of you guys when you were singing. When we left rehearsals the other day, Shay and I were, ‘They both deserve to win this show.’ It’s like Chance said, you were both incredible. This is such a tough pairing.”

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Shay agreed, “The absolute worst. We didn’t sign up for heartbreak. I love to almost feel the fear from John next to me. Kyle you have come out of your shell from the very beginning of this; Madison you were a ray of sunshine, just like your clothes right now radiating light everywhere. I can’t believe that we’re lucky enough to have you on Team Dan + Shay. This is going to make this decision so much harder.”

The winner of the Battle will be revealed on Monday night when The Voice returns at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC for night three of the Battles. Will Dan + Shay use their Playoff Pass and put both Kyle and Madison through?

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