Warnie's Alex Williams and Marny Kennedy ended up in hospital during filming

Warnie star Alex Williams reveals he and Marny Kennedy ended up in hospital during filming of the miniseries.

Video transcript

ALEX WILLIANMS: And Marny ended up with a broken wrist, and I ended up with a cut in the back of my head doing one scene. But apart from that, it was just sort of, you know, we had a great time. We worked hard on it, and everyone was great to work with. So, yeah, it was a pretty fun. It's a pretty fun experience.

- I love that you just threw that away, like, a broken bone and just like a cut on your end.

ALEX WILLIAMS: That's just part of it, isn't it?

- What happened there?

ALEX WILLIAMS: Oh, we were doing a sort of kissing scene with young love kind of vibe, and we were sort of going down a hallway banging from wall to wall and kissing and stuff. And then it there was a-- there was a bed that was on wheels. And so in the first take, it moved. And in the second take was I fall back on it. She falls on top of me as we're kissing, so we're both blind, can't really see.

Anyway, we've just missed the bed because it's moved. And the back of my head hit the bedside, the corner of the bedside table, and I've got I've got a wig on, fortunately. But she's put her hand out to brace and broken her wrist. And I've got five stitches in the back of my head and a pretty bad concussion. So we ended up in hospital for six or seven hours, a lot of blood in a lot of blonde hair. So--

- Oh my gosh.

ALEX WILLIAMS: Yeah, back to work the next [INAUDIBLE].