We Want To Know How You Grocery Shop In 2024, From Your Must-Purchase Items To The Money-Saving Tips You'd Recommend To Anyone

I know I'm a broken record, but grocery prices have gotten astronomical over the past few years. At this point, I know I'll spend at least $40 at my local grocery store just to make dinner, making me question why I didn't just place an Uber Eats order instead.

Grocery store shelf stocked with various brands and types of coffee bags
Claudia Santos

I live with my partner in New York City, and we try our best to avoid the local stores since they wildly overcharge for everything. But nobody's perfect, and more often than not, we forget to carve out time for our weekly Trader Joe's run — meaning we have to quickly run to the grocery store down the street to grab stuff for dinner. We try to cook most of our meals at home, but the delivery apps start calling my name when I notice we just spent $3 on a single red bell pepper.

Shopping cart filled with various frozen foods including vegetarian lasagna and pumpkin sticky toffee pudding
Claudia Santos

But hey, that's just a little snippet about how I grocery shop. Now, I want to hear all about how you approach grocery shopping where you live. Rather than posting a short comment, I'd love to get more details about your grocery habits and who you are via this form; just fill it out with some basic info and a quick snippet about how you shop. From there, I'll reach out to folks via email to provide some more details.

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We hope that by sharing stories from the BuzzFeed Community, we'll be able to help readers who might be struggling with grocery shopping amidst rising prices or their own major life changes.

Maybe you're a young person in a big city who's struggling with the cost of literally everything, and you have to be very strategic with your grocery runs to fit your budget — like this 24-year-old I spoke with who sticks to her $125 a month grocery budget in NYC and buys tried-and-true staples from Trader Joe's.

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You might live in a rural area where your nearest grocery store is an hour away by car, and you don't have the luxury of just walking down the street to pick up that onion you forgot for dinner. Grocery shopping might even mean a larger monthly haul to save you some time.

Person shopping for vegetables in a grocery store, holding dill and a reusable bag
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Maybe you're a new parent, and your cooking and shopping habits have completely changed. Perhaps you stick to online groceries to avoid the stress of shopping with a newborn. Or, you're buying ingredients for easy meals now that you don't have time to cook those elaborate dishes that take over an hour to make.

Toddler sitting in a shopping cart with fruits and vegetables, under the supervision of an adult
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Whoever you are and whatever your grocery shopping looks like, we want to hear from you. To be clear, you don't have to be a master chef, live a particular lifestyle, or have an Emily Mariko level of organization to be featured — we just want to hear from everyday people. I promise, your story is probably more interesting than you think! Once again, we'll be considering those who submit through this form, so make sure to fill it out if you want to be part of this series!