I Want To Know The Most Unexpected Thing That Came Out When You Did Family Therapy

Therapy is emphasized more today than ever before. The good news is its popularity has cast a wider net, impacting not only individuals and couples but family units, too!

Unknown woman comforting a young girl on a couch. The woman has her hand on the girl's shoulder as they both smile
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Being vulnerable can be a scary thing, I know! I mean let's face it, who really enjoys discussing uncomfortable topics and expressing how it impacts them, especially within minority communities? Not too many!

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Not many people outwardly share how they feel, let alone in a group family setting. Ironically, some people's biggest fear is hearing the truth, especially from someone they care about.

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Tell us what you learned about your family in therapy. Please comment below or anonymously through this Google Form. Your story may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!