The Walking Dead: Dead City: First Look at Season 2 Action Is a Laughing Matter — Yes, Really

It’s the end of the world as we know it, they feel fine. In the first look at Season 2 of The Walking Dead: Dead City that AMC dropped Thursday, we get everything that we’d expect: Jeffrey Dean Morgan glowering as Negan, Lauren Cohan opening a can of whoop-ass and, here and there, a laugh.

walking dead mashup
walking dead mashup

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Wait, what? Yep, in the behind-the-scenes glimpse at production on the fourth Walking Dead spinoff, the cast finds time amid all the action and gore to show us the funny. Of course, yuks will all get left on the cutting-room floor by the time that the drama returns for its sophomore season in 2025. (Season 2 of Daryl Dixon premieres first, this summer.)

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For those unfamiliar with the premise of Dead City, it follows frenemies Negan and Maggie to a post-apocalyptic Manhattan. In Season 1, the Saviors’ former leader helped the heroine that he widowed rescue her son from a malevolent figure known as The Dama. In the finale (recapped here), the villainess strong-armed Negan into service by threatening to take more from young Hershel than a toe if he refused.

the walking dead dead city premiere date amc trailer photos
the walking dead dead city premiere date amc trailer photos

AMC says that in Season 2, as the war for control of NYC escalates, “Maggie and Negan find themselves trapped on opposite sides. As their paths intertwine, they come to see that the way out for both is more complicated and harrowing than they ever imagined.”

Returning for Season 2, in addition to Morgan and Cohan, are Gaius Charles as New Babylon Federation marshal Perlie Armstrong, Željko Ivanek as The Dama’s henchman The Croat, Mahina Anne Marie Napoleon as Negan’s ward Ginny, Lisa Emery as The Dama and Logan Kim as Hershel. In April, the news broke that Sons of Anarchy vet Kim Coates had been added to the cast in a hush-hush role.

To check out the peek behind the scenes, press PLAY on the video above.

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