Virgo Daily Horoscope – 28 May 2024

During the waning phase of the moon, we usually are given a chance to slowly begin to wind down and prepare for a new cycle. However today the moon in Aquarius is exactly conjunct Pluto which brings about intense feelings and emotions which cannot be ignored. Take a deep breath before speaking or risk overreacting.
Jupiter has now moved into a part of your chart that highlights your career. If it’s suitable to you, you may think about moving ahead in your career. It is a good year to apply for promotions and to think about how you would like to be viewed by others. It is important that you cultivate a good reputation by being reliable, honest, and not taking on too much for yourself to handle. A cool head in a crisis always makes a good impression. Want to learn how to create your own reality? Start with the (free!) Moon Lite Collective here.

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