Virgo Daily Horoscope – 27 March 2024

Expect to be rethinking and reconsidering your daily work and health routines as this cycle unfolds (or maybe you are already as we are in the shadow period). There could also be confusion in one of these areas. There are times when Mercury retrograde means we can somehow put an end to something that started under a previous Mercury retrograde. So, if you have a health problem that first emerged while this planet was in ‘reverse’, you may find the coming few weeks give you the chance to knock it on the head. This cycle is also good if you’ve been slacking off when it comes to your fitness routines. Get back into them now and you shouldn’t have to wrestle too hard to keep it all up until at least the next Mercury cycle. At work, this period gives you the chance to renegotiate your daily duties. Think about what you’d like to change.
PS We’re moving into eclipse season, so it’s a peak manifesting period! If you want to get ready to make wishes that will actually work at the time of the April 8 New Moon eclipse, sign up for my free, 30 minute web class here!

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