Virgo Daily Horoscope – 21 May 2024

There is a major astrological alignment this week as Jupiter meets Neptune. Best possible scenario is we all get a little bit more enlightened. Worst is someone could try and trick you! This is a major alignment… the effects will last a lot more than 24 hours…
As a VIRGO, this really is nothing short of amazing news. You’re being given a second chance to connect with someone on a soulmate level, for the next few months. You’re far more likely to feel you’re connected with The Right Person and that your most important relationships are all Meant To Be, as the planet of dreams and poetry takes a long wander through your Love Zone. You could meet a Twin Flame. However, Neptune has a confusing side; get involved with shysters now only at your peril! If you doubt that someone is to be trusted, guess what? You’re probably right. Use your intuition. That’s what it’s there for!
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