‘Virgin River’ Fans Bombard Alexandra Breckenridge's BTS Clip With Martin Henderson

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'Virgin River' Fans Have Demands Amid a BTS ClipNetflix

Virgin River season 6 may not be airing for a while, but fans aren't holding back about what they want to see when it does.

Just look at the video Alexandra Breckenridge posted on Instagram. In it, the actress who plays Mel Monroe, decided to give folks a look at what filming was like for season 5 part 2. As she turned the camera toward her co-star Martin Henderson, who plays Jack Sheriden, viewers saw the twosome making jokes and having a good time while sitting on a Ferris wheel from the show's Christmas festival featured in the final episodes of season 5. What's more, Alexandra couldn't help but call out how much she loves all the antics her cast mate pulls in between takes.

"What it was really like up on that Ferris wheel," she wrote on January 29. "#virginriver season 5. Sorry for the swearing 🤪 Martin Henderson was rocking that thing way too much!!!!"

When fans saw the clip, they couldn't help but voice demands for how they'd love to see Mel and Jack interact during season 6.

"They need to incorporate some of these moments into Mel and Jack’s characters. A little zaniness once in a while to even out the drama," one person wrote on Instagram. "This part should have made it into the show! 😂❤️," another exclaimed. "I'm ready to see more of you two together!!! 😂❤️," a different follower noted.

Although Netflix sadly announced Virgin River season 6 won't drop on the streamer before 2025, at least we'll eventually get it! And after the end of season 5 part 2, it's likely there's a lot more in store for our favorite couple as they navigate love, family and unexpected circumstances for the entire town.

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