Breakup backfires over this hidden detail in 'ex-girlfriend' photo

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Joi discovered this photo of her boyfriend's 'ex' under his pillow, and kicked off a hilarious cautionary tale. Photo: Twitter

A woman has left the internet in stitches with a hilarious tale of her break up backfiring after her boyfriend pointed out a tiny detail, that changed everything.

Manchester woman Joi took to Twitter to share the side-splitting saga after she composed an essay-long breakup message for her boyfriend when she discovered he kept a picture of his ex under the pillow.

“We’d not been going out long literally everything was perfect and I was just beginning to think maybe this could you know maybe actually be The One,” Joi explained on her Twitter.

“Then one night I woke up to turn my pillow over and caught a glimpse of a (very, very) happy woman.”

The horrifying discovery would give most pause for thought, but Joi, who was 27 years old at the time, sprung straight to action.

“I came to the conclusion it must be his ex... so wrote him a f**king massive emo essay about how maybe things were going too fast and wondering how we could work through it and if he needed time etc,” she explained.

So far so good, but Joi never expected the photo message she got in response.

Her boyfriend sent her a full image of the offending picture, which turned out to be a mattress label.

The full image of the 'photo' left her red-faced, but ultimately lucky in love. Photo: Twitter

Yep, the smiling blonde who had wreaked havoc on the poor woman’s mind was a stock image model, as the boyfriend pointed out.

It turns out she had herself a keeper, as he laughed the incident off and they are now, in her words, ‘soul mates’.

Hilarity goes viral on Twitter

The hilarious tale went quickly viral, attracting almost 4000 retweets, and hundreds of hilarious comments.

“That is amazing,” one man wrote.

“So dark but so good,” another agreed.

“Did he suggest you sleep on it?” was one cheeky query.

“This is the best story I will ever read on this godforsaken website,” one disillusioned reader shared.

Safe to say we’ll all be sleeping on it before we take drastic action in relationships to come.

Most of all, we can all keep this story for some cheering up on a rainy day, with Joi’s permission.

“If your having a bad day just remember the time I thought I found a photo of my bf’s ex-girlfriend under his pillow and broke up with him via essay only for him to respond with a pic of his fucking mattress label xxx”.

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