Viral Bluey theory has fans convinced Bingo is suffering from a chronic disease

A Bluey super fan has proposed a theory linking Bingo to this chronic health condition.

Devoted fans of the beloved Australian children's show Bluey have raised an intriguing theory surrounding one of its characters.

Recent episodes have subtly hinted at potential health issues for Bingo, leading many viewers to speculate that she may be dealing with Coeliac Disease, an autoimmune condition affecting approximately 1 in 70 Australians and causing adverse reactions to gluten consumption.

The theory gained traction thanks to a super fan named Michael, who took to TikTok to point out significant clues and plot lines that suggest Bingo, Bluey's little sister, might have this severe autoimmune disease.

Bluey episode showing Bingo in hospital
Bingo was in hospital for an undisclosed reason in one Bluey episode, with fans speculating it was related to her coeliac disease. Photo: ABC

Examining the clues

The speculation began in the first season when Bingo was unexpectedly hospitalised in the episode Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound without any explanation. There was a widespread belief among viewers that Bingo's hospital visit was due to her suffering from Coeliac disease or a significant gluten intolerance.

Upon closer examination of past episodes, the theory gains further credibility, even though the characters themselves do not directly address it.

In episodes such as Daddy Drop Off, Grandad, and Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound, subtle hints about Coeliac Disease have been dropped. While preparing the children's lunchboxes, Bandit quietly mutters, "OK, gluten-free... gluten not free," indicating that one of his kids may have a gluten intolerance.


Furthermore, in the episode Grandad, Bingo is seen eating from the lunch box filled with gluten-free options.

In various other episodes, where Bingo accompanies her family on grocery trips, the presence of gluten-free items in the shopping trolley further supports the fan theory about Bingo's health.

Bluey Episode
During one Bluey episode, Bandit is shown separating lunch box items into gluten-free and non-gluten-free categories. Photo: ABC

Inconsistencies in the theory

However, despite the compelling evidence, some fans remain sceptical due to certain inconsistencies in the health subplot. For example, the importance of a clean food preparation surface to avoid cross-contamination, which is vital for individuals with Coeliac Disease, seemed overlooked in certain scenes.

"The show is inconsistent about it," Michael acknowledged, also drawing attention to an episode in season 1 where Bingo is seen eating a hot dog with a bun, contradicting the strict guidelines of a gluten-free diet. Based on these observations, some speculate that Bingo might have a gluten intolerance rather than Coeliac Disease.

Other fans joined the discussion, offering their own theories and perspectives. Some suggested that Bandit's emphasis on gluten-free food might be a reminder for himself, while others proposed that the school in the show could be gluten-free due to their friend Indy's known gluten intolerance.

Supporting this theory, one fan wrote: "Kids love to share food. My class was banned from bringing dairy to school because one kid was allergic - and children can't always tell what has gluten in it."

After a thorough look at the evidence, dedicated fan Michael reached a conclusion, stating, "I don't think she has Coeliac but she might have a gluten intolerance."

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