'The View's Joy Behar Offers Bold Take on Barbra Streisand's Ozempic Comment to Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy and Barbra Streisand, Inset: Joy Behar

Melissa McCarthy and Barbra Streisand may have put their brief non-drama to rest, but Joy Behar still has something to say.

While the legendary songstress already assured the public that she was just trying to "pay her a compliment" when she asked the Bridesmaids alum if she was taking Ozempic, and McCarthy assured fans there was absolutely no bad blood between them after the fact, The View co-host still felt like she needed to come to Streisand's defense.

Many found Streisand's blunt and public comment on McCarthy's Instagram account to be out of line, but Behar says she "[doesn't] think it's rude" to simply ask someone if they've used the pharmaceutical.

“Listen,” she continued, per TV Insider, turning the situation into a bit of a joke. “If somebody’s lost a lot of weight and you want to know if they’ve taken the drug, you just go, ‘Oh-oh-oh-Ozempic!’ and if they respond, ‘Thank you,’ then that’s the end of the conversation.”

Meanwhile, Sara Haines compared celebrities on the medication, originally intended for diabetics, to talent comparing their agencies. “These days it’s like, ‘Are you on it? I’m on it. She’s on it!'” instead of asking who represents you.

“I think if you’re an icon, you can get away with it,” Alyssa Farah Griffin added, but it seems like there was never much to get away with in this case. McCarthy's takeaway was simply that Streisand knows she exists. "She reached out to me—and she thought I looked good!" she celebrated. "I win the day!"

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