“The View”'s Sunny Hostin jokes that she could 'take' escaped murderer Danelo Cavalcante in a fight

“The View”'s Sunny Hostin jokes that she could 'take' escaped murderer Danelo Cavalcante in a fight

The View's Sunny Hostin is ready to fight for her life should she ever come in contact with escaped prisoner Danelo Cavalcante.

The panelist joked that she believed she could "take" Cavalcante — a convicted murderer who is currently on the run after escaping from Pennsylvania's Chester County Prison — in a fight on Tuesday's episode of the show.

"He's five feet tall and I'm about five-six, five-seven," she teased. "I think maybe, with my Muay Thai classes and stuff, I could maybe take him?"

When her cohosts immediately shut down the idea, Hostin shared what she would actually do if she were living in the nearby area. "I'm thinking I would probably just lock myself down, especially if my son and my husband, who are big people, weren't with me," she said. "I would kind of do like a pandemic re-do. Lock everything."


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Sara Haines took a moment to underscore the danger surrounding the ongoing manhunt, especially since Cavalcante was "someone who was violent when he wasn't cornered" and "now he's trying to fight for his life."

She said, "Someone that's literally in survival mode and fighting to eat — such primal needs — he's more dangerous than he's ever been."

"He's acrobatic," Hostin added.

Ana Navarro, however, had a much different approach to dealing with Cavalcante should they ever cross paths. "I would make a care package for the porch," she said. "I'd put some Brazilian cachaca, a few limes, things he can make a caipirinha with…" Hostin then interjected, "But what if he starts coming back for it?"

Navarro provided a simple solution. "Oh, well, I'm going to leave him a note in Portuguese that says, 'Por favor não me mate.' Please don't kill me!"

"That's the best plan," Hostin said. "That's a good plan."

Alyssa Farah Griffin called Cavalcante a "unique kind of psycho," but said she wasn't certain that he was the "brightest escape artist" given that so far he hasn't fled far from the scene. "He's allegedly though, nine days later, only within 30 miles of Chester County," she said. "If I were trying to escape jail, I would be in the Midwest, you'd never find me again, I'd be somewhere so far away. There's miles of empty land where you can hide out. I just don't get why he's still in the area."

Navarro joked, "I feel like a five-foot Brazilian would really stick out in Iowa."

Cavalcante was convicted of murder on Aug. 16 in the fatal stabbing of his girlfriend, Deborah Brandão, in 2021, per CNN. He's also wanted in a 2017 murder case in his native country of Brazil, a US Marshal for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania revealed at a recent press conference.

The fugitive has been on the run since Aug. 31, when he fled Chester County Prison by climbing up a wall. As of Thursday, local authorities still believe that he is within the local area and have raised the reward "up to $20,000 for tips leading to his capture."

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