“The View” star Alyssa Farah Griffin slams Nikki Haley for endorsing Trump: 'It's pathetic'

“The View” star Alyssa Farah Griffin slams Nikki Haley for endorsing Trump: 'It's pathetic'

Griffin, who worked under Mike Pence and Donald Trump, criticized Haley for saying she'd vote for the former president after dragging him during her campaign.

After regularly using her platform on The View to voice support for former Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley leading up to the November election, former Donald Trump staffer Alyssa Farah Griffin has slammed Haley after the politician publicly endorsed Trump on Wednesday — despite Haley staunchly criticizing him over the last year.

The 34-year-old — who's also a regular CNN contributor — appeared this week on the network's Erin Burnett OutFront program to react to Haley's endorsement.

"It was disappointing but not surprising. She joins a long list of people who are deeply critical of Trump, who have said he was unfit for office, who have launched every attack against them that they could," but ultimately come back into the fold, Griffin told Burnett.

<p>CNN; Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images</p> Alyssa Farah Griffin; Nikki Haley

CNN; Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Alyssa Farah Griffin; Nikki Haley

Griffin speculated that "at the end of the day, careerism, ambition, and being able to have long standing in the GOP is more important to most politicians" than overall integrity.

When Burnett played clips of Haley criticizing Trump in recent months — including footage from a February interview in which Haley said "there is no way that the American people are going to vote for a convicted criminal" if Trump is convicted amid his ongoing legal woes — Griffin went in even further on the former South Carolina governor, who suspended her campaign in March.

“Donald Trump went after her family, her husband,” Griffin observed, referencing the moment Trump mocked Haley's husband, Maj. Michael Haley, for his absence on the campaign trail as a result of being deployed overseas. "She still comes around to kiss the ring. It’s shameful, it’s embarrassing, it’s pathetic."

Griffin, who resigned from Trump's staff in 2020 and subsequently spoke out against him, finished the thought by speculating that Haley is "angling for a cabinet position" within the Trump administration if the former president wins against Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

Still, she pointed out that another of her former bosses, Vice President Mike Pence, has yet to endorse Trump — which she feels is more telling than anything, as Pence was "much closer to Trump" during the Apprentice host's one-term presidency.

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Despite Griffin's reaction to Haley's endorsement of Trump, Haley has said in the past that she would support whoever the eventual Republican nominee is, even if it's Trump.

Entertainment Weekly has reached out to Haley's team for comment.

Though Griffin voiced support for Haley's standing in the race on The View, she was critical of some of Haley's stances, including Haley's anti-LGBTQIA+ views.

In response to other View panelists' sustained condemnation of her, Haley spoke out against the show in a Fox News interview earlier this year, taking particular aim at moderator Whoopi Goldberg, who suggested that Haley hadn't accomplished much in her political career.

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"I've done quite a bit. I will tell you, as governor, we accomplished a lot, as U.N. ambassador, we accomplished a lot. I did a whole lot more than Whoopi Goldberg will ever do, and it is not the ladies on The View that I ever care to impress," Haley said on America Reports. "At the end of the day, I'm fighting or every American's vote. This is a chance to get our party right. The party that leaves their 80-year-old candidate behind is the party that will win. Mark my words. It is hugely important that we get a new generational conservative leader in the White House that leaves the baggage and the negativity behind."

Griffin appears on The View weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC. Watch Griffin criticize Haley on CNN in the video above.

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