“The View”'s Alyssa Farah Griffin says she encountered 'creepy and negative' spirit in haunted Capitol building

“The View”'s Alyssa Farah Griffin says she encountered 'creepy and negative' spirit in haunted Capitol building

Griffin said she later learned that someone died in the room "several hundred years ago."

Long before she grappled with sonic phantoms and unknown entities floating through The View airspace, cohost and former Donald Trump staffer Alyssa Farah Griffin has revealed she once encountered a nefarious spirit inside the (very haunted) Capitol building.

The ex-Washington, D.C. communications professional — who worked for both Mike Pence and Trump — revealed Monday that, in addition to the former president she now regularly criticizes on The View, she had a brush with another nefarious presence inside a government building.

“The White House is known for being haunted and there’s a lot of historic documentation of people encountering ghosts and spirits. I never did there," Griffin told View producer Brian Teta on the Behind the Table podcast, after Teta inquired about Griffin's experience with the supernatural in the historically haunted city.

<p>OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE PHOTOGRAPH ARCHIVES; Stefan Zaklin/Getty</p> Alyssa Farah Griffin and Donald Trump; the U.S. Capitol


Alyssa Farah Griffin and Donald Trump; the U.S. Capitol

“But, the U.S. Capitol is known for being haunted. There, once when I was an intern, we did this tour exploring the basement of the Capitol,” Griffin rememb ered. “There was a room we went into, there was a very creepy and negative energy. We read later there was an assassination of a journalist that had taken place there several hundred years ago. I felt it in the Capitol, not the White House."

Entertainment Weekly has reached out to a representative for The View for more details on Griffin's reported contact with an apparition from another realm.

The 34-year-old's recollection came days after Goldberg — who also previously confirmed on the show that alien beings are "already here" on the planet, watching us — told her cohosts that she knows evil ghosts will absolutely waste no time coming to get you if they really want to.

"Ghosts don't tend to wait. If they don't want you in the house, they will put you out by hook or by crook," the Oscar-winning Ghost actress, who won her Academy Award for playing a medium who communicated with a woman's (Demi Moore) deceased partner (Patrick Swayze) in the 1990 classic, said on the May 13 broadcast.

The View has, however, generated headlines for unexplained happenings on set, like the aforementioned entity wafting near its rafters, or that time a loud noise pierced through a Hot Topics discussion about "hoes."

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Griffin joined The View full-time in 2022, after resigning from Trump's White House in 2020 and subsequently speaking out against him via her public platform.

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC. Listen to Griffin discuss her experience with the paranormal in the podcast episode above.

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