"It's A Turn On For Sure:" People Are Sharing Little Behaviors And Habits Men Do That Are Actually Really Hot

If you are attracted to men, you may believe they do a few specific things that — unbeknownst to them — make them incredibly sexy. So when Reddit user u/finnjakefionnacake asked: "What things do men do that are sexy that they don't realize are sexy?", people had a lot of thoughts. Here's what they had to say:

1."Caring for helpless things."

a man with his dog


"This one time a neighborhood cat had little babies in my car, and I drove to work and took them inside. My coworkers — all men between 18, 24, and 50 years old — took a few minutes to pet them before I drove them home. I thought they were all so precious together and my heart swelled. I rescued a baby bunny from a parking lot at work also. Everyone helped me check on her."


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2."Carrying as many folding chairs as you can at once."


("What if that's a very small number of folding chairs?")


3."Rolled up sleeves."

a man rolling up his sleeves
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4."One time, my wife and I were trying to move this big giant recliner-type chair up our stairs, and we were having trouble and I said, 'It’s okay, sweetheart, you take a break.' And I just picked the thing up and hauled it upstairs myself. She said ‘wow.'"


5."An ex said it was hot watching me change her car's oil."

oil change


"My best bud changed my tire when I got a flat at his place.

I'm a dude and was perfectly capable of doing it myself but he just goes 'No, dude! I gotchu!' and took care of it without a second thought while I chilled.

Not going to lie, I get how these women feel. It was a stoically masculine moment: I felt loved, taken care of, and safe. Lol. I drove away thinking, 'What a guy.'"


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6."Pausing and thinking before reacting. It’s so hot. A physician I work with always does this and it’s very, very attractive."


7."My heart does a little flip each time my significant other, ever so slightly puts his hand on my back when we’re walking (to guide me), or if he’s trying to squeeze by behind me. I don’t know why that gets me fired up. Lol."

a couple holding each other
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8."My wife has told me taking my shirt off with one hand is a thing. That kind of blew my mind."


9."Getting super excited talking about a nerdy interest they care about. A lot of guys suppress ‘caring’ about things."

a man reading a comic book
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10."Moaning during sex."


"Yes! When I'm the only one making noise it makes me so insecure. But when my partner moans — and he moans — it's unbelievably arousing for me to know that I made him feel that good. And TMI but then there's the breathless 'ohmygodohmygodohmygod' before the climax that he does that's just *chef kiss.* I love to hold his face and kiss it and rub his hair as he comes down, just an amazing experience to see him like that."


11."Being booksmart. If I ask my boyfriend a history question and he randomly knows the answer to it or if I ask about a math problem and watch him figure it out is the hottest thing. Yeah, you divide those numbers, baby."

man working on an equation


"Divide those numbers and then divide these legs."


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12."An ex of mine once got turned on when I told her I put a hand on the wall when I pee. I’m not sure I fully understand that one."


"There is something sexy about a hand on the wall."


13."My boyfriend and I went to eat at this restaurant before we knew we had feelings for each other. While I would talk, he would either laugh or smile, and once while doing so, he circled the rim of his glass with his finger. I later found out that he did it unconditionally [sic] but I short-circuited while he did it."

a man holding a glass drink
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14."I love when a guy just handles something that otherwise could have been pesky or difficult, even if it’s minor. Essentially, taking swift charge without being asked. I’m (f) super independent and even from my personal perspective where I enjoy doing things myself, I think it reads like (a) an act of service and thoughtfulness, (b) a demonstration of capability, and also (c) enthusiasm. That 'Oh, it’s taken care of' line is just HOT."


15."When a random child interacts with them, and they don't act like it's an annoying bother."

child with uncle
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16."The left hand on the wheel and the right hand holding mine while driving."

one hand on a steering wheel
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17."While having a casual conversation, they go: 'Oh, is that so?' or 'It’s like that, huh!' in a tease-y manner, with a smile on their face, and I end up with butterflies in my tummy!"

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Do you believe there is something a man does that makes him incredibly sexy? If so, tell us what it is and why in the comments below:

man rolling up sleeve

man rolling up sleeve

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