Valerie Bertinelli Out Of Food Network Show Update: Khloé Kardashian Expresses Support & Ready To “Sign A Petition”

Valerie Bertinelli is getting public support from Khloé Kardashian after the Kids Baking Championship host opened up about the Food Network not asking her back to the show.

The reality TV personality is a fan of the baking competition and said she was ready to sign a petition to bring her back for future seasons.

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“Wait!!! What!!!!! I need to sign a petition. I looooove this show and watch it daily. I record it and all,” Kardashian wrote in the Instagram comments. “I love you and Duff together, and it will be hard to imagine it without you. The way you are with the children is magical. Your understanding and advice to them is key.”

Kardashian continued: “Duff’s voice is important as well, but I think they need you both… I’m so sorry! This does suck and I understand why your feelings are hurt.”

Khloé Kardashian expresses support for Valerie Bertinelli
Khloé Kardashian expresses support for Valerie Bertinelli

Kardashian was reacting to a video Bertinelli shared on Instagram, in which she said it “really hurt my feelings” that she was not being asked back to the Food Network show she has hosted alongside Duff Goldman since 205.

“I know it’s not supposed to. Logically, I know it’s business [and] budget cuts, right? But it really hurt my feelings to know that I’m not going to be asked back to be on Kids Baking Championship really sucks,” she said.

Food Network is currently airing episodes of the show she filmed back in 2022, amid her divorce that finalized at the end of that year.

“It really hurts that I won’t be able to go back and see everybody and say, ‘Hey, I made it through!’ I think I’m [the] most sad that I won’t be able to tell everybody what they mean to me,” she added.

Bertinelli would later go on to X (formerly Twitter) to say she “was basically ghosted” by producers.

“There were never any talks, so no talks could be stalled. I got an inkling I might not be asked back when I saw I was not in the holiday specials. I got a text by a third party on Friday that told me I would not be back. LOL I was basically ghosted,” she wrote.

In a second post, she added: “I have zero ill will toward anyone at FN. I enjoyed every single moment I worked for them, and they are all lovely, kind, hard-working people. And I understand business is business. But I won’t tolerate lies. I am a lot of things, but I am not greedy, nor am I a liar.”

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