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Valentine's Day: Save up to 50% on weighted blankets

Feeling burnt out? Relax with one of these weighted blankets

If Valentine's Day stresses you out, here's a great way to stay calm. Weighted blankets are proven to help you do just that, with 63% of people who use them saying they have reduced insomnia and anxiety.

Everything on the Calming Blankets site is currently 50% off, so there's never been a better time snuggle up and relieve that stress. Just enter the code VDAY50 when you check out to claim your discount.

Woman under weighted blankets
Weighted blankets are great at reducing stress. Photo: Supplied

Here's what we'll be putting in our cart:

Beauty Sleep Bundle - was $499, now $414

This weighted blanket is made with a hand-woven knit stitch and has no shifting weights, ties or beads so it creates an even, gentle weight across your body. Breathable gaps in the stitch make it ideal for multi-climate use, so you won't get too hot, and it also comes with a 100% silk eye mask for the perfect night's beauty sleep.

Beauty Sleep Bundle
Beauty Sleep Bundle. Photo: Calming Blankets

Summer Blanket Bundle - was $397, now $224

This lovely summer blanket bundle contains a 100% silk eye mask, a granite weighted blanket and an interchangeable bamboo cover that's great for summer. The high-quality bamboo fibres are designed to regulate your temperature, so you get a cooler night's sleep. They're also antibacterial, machine washable and feel super soft.

Summer Blanket Bundle
Summer Blanket Bundle. Photo: Calming Blankets

The Queen/King Sleep Bundle - was $423, now $304

This bundle contains Calming Blanket's biggest weighted blanket, a silk eye mask and an aromatherapy spray, which is perfect for encouraging deep breathing and calming you down. The blanket has separately sewn pockets filled with eco-friendly glass beads, and is made from an ultra-soft minky plush fabric, which is ideal for the cooler months. It also comes with a machine washable cover and a 12-tie system that ensures your weighted blanket stays in place all night long.

Queen/King Sleep Bundle
The Queen/King Sleep Bundle. Photo: Calming Blankets


Weighted Blanket Family Pack - was $897, now $395

This pack of three adult weighted blankets is a serious bargain. Choose from a selection of different colours, including granite, navy blue and soft pink. Each blanket is made from a soft minky plush fabric, and is evenly weighted so they don't rattle or feel uneven when you sleep.

Pink weighted blanket
Weighted Blanket Family Pack. Photo: Calming Blankets

Kids Calming Kit - was $317, now $222

If your child is prone to sensory overload, this calming kit is a perfect antidote. It contains a kids weighted blanket, Kevin the Calming Koala weighted toy, and a cotton cover to put on the blanket for warmer nights.

Kids Calming Kit with weighted Koala plush toy
Kids Calming Kit. Photo: Calming Blankets

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