Using Deviled Eggs As Buns For Chicken Sliders Is A Mess Waiting To Happen

Deviled eggs on plate
Deviled eggs on plate - from my point of view/Shutterstock

Who doesn't love a good food mash-up? The genius idea of combining two beloved dishes into one has resulted in some seriously amazing bites, such as donut breakfast burgers and Takis ramen. Still, while many of these culinary marriages are successful, some combos end up working out better in our heads than they do on the plate.

Take deviled egg chicken sliders, for example. We can only imagine the magic we would experience in our mouths after biting into a piece of crispy fried chicken sandwiched between two rich deviled eggs. But while this finger food mash-up is undoubtedly a flavor explosion waiting to happen, TikTok user @donaldo_cook offered an on-camera demonstration of how to make deviled egg chicken sliders — and it seems that they're a mess waiting to happen, too.

The TikToker's recipe initially seems harmless as they first make a batch of deviled eggs followed by some bite-sized pieces of fried chicken. However, things start to go south when it comes time to put the sandos together. Just placing the piece of chicken on top of the bottom "bun" causes the deviled egg filling to ooze out the sides. The mess only gets bigger when the second deviled egg is added to the top, as it also begins to lose its filling after being pressed down on the poultry. All in all, it creates a mess that you'd probably need more than a single cocktail napkin to clean up.

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There Are Better Ways To Combine Deviled Eggs And Chicken Sliders

A deviled egg chicken slider
A deviled egg chicken slider - donaldo_cook / TikTok

TikTok user @donaldo_cook was definitely on to something with the idea to combine deviled eggs and chicken sliders into a single dish. With some better execution, we think this appetizer mash-up could be a mess-free success.

One of the biggest flaws in the TikToker's deviled egg chicken sliders is that the deviled egg filling is too runny. This is largely why it all oozed out the sides and all over the creator's hands when they put the dish together. A thicker filling would help prevent the drippy mess when using the eggs as buns, and believe it or not, instant mashed potatoes are the best way to thicken deviled egg filling. Still, this might not fully eliminate any potential messes, as the filling could still start to fall out when the "buns" are squished into the chicken.

To better execute a deviled egg-chicken slider hybrid, you might consider completely nixing the idea of replacing the chicken slider buns with deviled eggs. Instead, you can simply garnish a single deviled egg with a small piece of crispy chicken, or even just crispy chicken skins. Additionally, if you prefer a sandwich-style appetizer, you could mix together a deviled egg-inspired egg salad to spread on one of the slider buns.

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