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Users show why they are not a ‘dream girl’ with new filter

In the dating world, red flags and green flags are easy ways of determining whether a person will be a good partner. Now, TikTokers are using a filter to reveal their red flags to potential suitors.

The filter of choice to show off these imperfections is the “goofy ahh soundboard.” Cameron Kaukau (@cameronkaukau80) created the filter in late 2022 and lets users tap buttons on the screen to make cartoonish sound effects. The filter already has over 2 million videos attached to it.

Some users use it to stitch and react to videos they’ve seen or to play around with the goofy sounds, but the latest trend involves TikTokers showing why they aren’t the “dream girl” many people might claim to be.

The main sound effect people use is “vine boom,” named for a common sound effect on Vine.

“She just like me fr,” said @thumpt.

Even though the women participating in this trend are openly saying why they aren’t someone’s “dream girl,” there are still those willing to look past the red flags.

“I’m in love with you,” said @heartzfromari under @avascreams’ video.

“Still my dream girl,” replied @chairmanchuu beneath the same video.

Men are also in on the trend. Instead of revealing their imperfections, they show why their lives aren’t all they seem to be.

“Bro exposed himself,” @yourloc4lsouthparklover.

Even though people are willing to share their red flags, the comments show that even if you acknowledge your flaws up front, you can still be the person of someone’s dreams.

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