The genius bag folding hack to reclaim your kitchen closet space

Having enough reusable plastic bags for your shopping is one thing but storing them neatly is another.

If, like me, you stuff them into another bag to spill out whenever you open your cupboard, do we have a tutorial for you!

Melbourne organising and cleaning guru Chantel Mila has shared her quick and easy technique for folding and storing grocery bags.

It may seem basic, but 77,000 people watched her video in just five days, so there are obviously more than a few of us who need the inspiration.

Stills from TikTok hack on how to fold and store bags, showing hands pointing at bags holding other bags, then hands folding large plastic bags into triangular sections.
A quick and easy hack to store bags and get more room back in your cupboard. Photo: TikTok/@mama_mila_

"It’s a free way to add extra storage space to your kitchen;️ once you learn the fold, it takes a few seconds," Chantel commented on TikTok.

While many were keen to be taught the folding hack, others revealed it was a storage trick they'd been utilising for years.

"My grandma taught me how to do this in primary school; always makes me reminisce on our post-grocery shops together," one follower wrote.

Bags aren't the only things Chantel knows how to fold.

If you've ever struggled with a fitted sheet and they somehow just end up in a ball in your cupboard, this is the video for you.

Chantel shows how to fold them together as a set to store easily.

"Here’s a simple and effective way to fold linen into space-saving sets," she writes in the introduction.

"As someone who doesn’t have a big enough linen closet, this method saves so much space, can be vertically stored and also protects your pillowcases against dust (perfect for allergy sufferers!)

"You can do this fold on a bed or table too – I’m doing it on the floor as it’s the best angle for a tutorial" she adds.

Fans love the result.

"Thank you so much!! I was so frustrated with the fitted sheet," one wrote.

"OMG! You just alleviated (years) of frustration! Thank you," another added.

"I think I just hit maximum level of adulting," a third wrote, probably best summarising where most of us are at!

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