US Olympians beg airline for business class plane tickets to Paris

US athlete Harrison Williams turned to X to ask Delta Airlines for business-class seats to arrive at the Olympic games in late July (Getty Images)
US athlete Harrison Williams turned to X to ask Delta Airlines for business-class seats to arrive at the Olympic games in late July (Getty Images)

Members of the US Olympic team have been expressing their concern for flights to the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics.

On Tuesday, June 25, US decathlete Harrison Williams turned to X, formerly known as Twitter, to ask Delta Airlines for business-class seats to arrive at the games in late July. “Hello @Delta the three of us just made the US Olympic team in the decathlon,” his post began showing a photo of him alongside two other Olympians.

“Can we please get 3 business class tickets to Europe for the games? We’re all 6’5 and need those spacious lay-flat seats so we’re ready to compete.”

According to a 2021 interview Olympic kayaker Shaye Hatchette had with Vice, while people competing to qualify for the Olympics must pay for their travel but once you qualify for Team USA your travel expenses are paid for.

“Once you make it to the Olympics your travel expenses are paid for, but you won’t make money off of it unless you medal or get sponsorships from outside the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee. It’s a difficult road,” the Olympian told the outlet at the time.

After Williams posted, many people responded to his tweet, further pleading with Delta to upgrade the three men’s seats.

“Cmon @Delta !!! That DeltaOne cabin from Detroit to CDG looks real nice!!!” one reply on X wrote.

Another user agreed: “Delta should definitely spare a few business class seats for 3 US Olympians. Do the right thing @Delta.”

However, other commenters didn’t think it was necessary for the upgrade considering their economy seats on a flight were already paid for.

“The US @iocmedia has a multimillion-dollar budget. If they don’t want to pay for business class seats, why should Delta behave irresponsibly towards their shareholders?” one X user asked.

“And the rest of Team USA sits where? So much for teamwork,” another commenter pointed out.

Recently in preparation for the worldwide event, Kim Kardashian’s brand Skims announced they would launch an Olympics-inspired collection with Team USA.

In a press release, Kardashian wrote: “I’m so honored for Skims to continue supporting Team USA and the inspiring athletes participating in the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024.”

“Our shared mission of empowering everybody really shines through in the collaboration this year with the addition of our men’s styles to reinventing our adaptive intimates,” she continued. “The athletes in our campaign look incredible in the collection, and I can’t wait to cheer them on this summer in Skims!”

Olympic gymnast Sunisa Lee noted in the press release that as a “long-time Skims fan,” this partnership is a “dream come true.” She added, “I’m so lucky that I get to experiment with my style while competing, but when I’m not in the gym I still want to look and feel great. I love that Skims delivers on comfort, flexibility, and style.”

Track and field Olympian Gabby Thomas voiced similar experiences with the brand, noting that she doesn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort when she wears the product. She said in the press release: “I wear a lot of loungewear when I’m not competing or training but also love experimenting with fashion, so I never want to compromise on style, and Skims is the perfect balance of style and comfort!”