Upgrade Your Basic Breakfast Sandwich With Canned Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon buns on baking tray
Cinnamon buns on baking tray - roman tohtohunov/Shutterstock

Breakfast sandwiches can be a great, simple, on-the-go start to your day or a little more indulgent and heavy. For those who enjoy mixing savory and sweet, there are a number of ways you can add a bit of sugar to your breakfast sandwiches -- balancing the saltiness of eggs and meat with the sweetness of things like glazed donuts, chocolate chip bagels, or pancakes.

Another sweet breakfast treat that's easy to substitute for bread is a cinnamon roll, namely, the kind that comes out of a can and is easy to bake in a flash. Baking canned cinnamon rolls to use as breakfast sandwich bread is simple and only takes about 20 minutes.

Make the rolls according to package instructions, slice them open like a sandwich (keeping the swirl intact on top), and layer your favorite breakfast sandwich ingredients. That includes scrambled or fried eggs, bacon or sausage, and a square or two of your favorite cheese. You'll be munching on a sweet and savory delicacy fit for brunch in no time.

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Why Savory And Sweet Mix So Well

Cinnamon rolls and breakfast foods
Cinnamon rolls and breakfast foods - Stphillips/Getty Images

The salty and sweet flavor combination has long been sought after and appreciated, especially when it comes to breakfast. Pancakes with a side of eggs, chicken and waffles, maple-flavored sausage, and the list goes on. But why, exactly, do we crave these combinations?

The answer comes down to how tongues -- specifically, our taste buds -- are arranged. There are specific receptors on your tongue that taste sweet flavors, but only when salty flavors are also in the mix. Salt, in many ways, enhances the taste of sugar. This is part of the reason why you might put a sprinkle of salt into chocolate chip cookie dough or brownie batter.

Layering these flavors together triggers receptors, causing us to crave the combination even more. It's no wonder why pairing cinnamon buns with the salty, cured meats common to breakfast sandwiches and the richness of cheese-covered eggs makes for a winning combination.

What To Serve With Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Sandwiches

Fruit salad in glass bowl
Fruit salad in glass bowl - Kirin_photo/Getty Images

The combination of cinnamon rolls, breakfast meat, eggs, and cheese can be a heavy one. With all those strong flavors mixing together, it's important to serve the sandwich with a little something on the side that can balance everything out.

A side of vibrant fruit salad can help cut through the heaviness of a rich meal. The juicy tartness of mandarins, kiwi, berries, and other fruity favorites all provide a little tang and help to freshen up the palate, plus offer an added nutritional boost.

Conversely, you might want to enjoy that sandwich with a warm, slightly bitter beverage like coffee or tea. The bitterness of these drinks also plays against the sweet-savoriness of the breakfast sandwich and washes down any residual sugary aftertastes that might stick on the tongue. Plus, coffee helps stimulate your digestive processes, helping you go about your day even after a decadent meal.

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