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'Until Dawn' developer Supermassive is making a ‘Dead by Daylight’ spin-off

Sci-fi horror is coming to the main game next month as part of the latest chapter.

Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive has revealed what’s next for Dead by Daylight, including two more spin-off games. Perhaps the more intriguing of the two is a project being developed by Supermassive Games. While the game is staying mostly under wraps for now, it seems to build on the formula Supermassive has executed so well on games like Until Dawn and The Quarry.

This will be a single-player interactive story game with a new cast of characters that offers “an intense narrative experience filled with powerful life-or-death choices set within the backdrop of Dead by Daylight,” according to Behaviour. Expect to learn more about the game later this year.

The other spin-off that’s in development is a co-op title from Midwinter Entertainment, which joined Behaviour last year. This game, which is in its very early stages, will focus on the themes of greed and the lust for power. You’ll be able to team up with as many as three other players.

These two games follow on from Hooked On You, a DbD dating sim that arrived last year. A Dead by Daylight film adaptation is in the works too. Behaviour and its partners are currently looking for the director and screenwriter for the project.

Behaviour had a lot more to discuss during the DbD seventh anniversary showcase. There was news on upcoming collaborations for cosmetic items, including team ups with Slipknot and Iron Maiden. Ikumi Nakamura, the former Ghostwire: Tokyo creative director who you may remember from that game’s reveal at E3 2019, has designed some DbD cosmetics too.

On the gameplay front, the stream included a look at the next DbD chapter, which will be available on June 13th. End Transmission will bring sci-fi horror to the game, with a new map set on another planet that doesn't look unlike Atropos from Returnal. The upcoming killer, The Singularity, “is a monstrous amalgamation of restructured organic matter and machine parts seeking to become the perfect lifeform,” Behaviour said. The accompanying survivor is Gabriel Soma, a technician.

Over the next year, Behaviour plans to add four chapters, including End Transmission and two others that will bring another pair of licensed killers from other franchises to DbD. On top of those, there will be two extra survivor-only chapters. We already know who one of those survivors will be: a certain Nicolas Cage.

The actor is playing himself in the game. Lest you think that Behaviour recruited a soundalike, that’s not the case. Cage "was generous enough to record every grunt, scream and exertion you will hear in Dead by Daylight," Mathieu Côté, head of partnerships for the game, told reporters at a preview event this week. Here's hoping that includes Cage shrieking about bees and his eyes. Anyway, you can find out more about Cage's introduction to the game on July 5th.