Unique, unisex Valentine's Day gifts that aren't just flowers and chocolates

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couple on Valentines Day
Have you got a gift sorted for Valentine's Day yet? Photo: Getty

Valentine's Day is only two weeks away, so it’s time to start thinking about what to gift your loved one.

And if you don’t just want to go with the typical chocolate, flowers, or stuffed toys we've got some ideas to really impress your partner.

Your relationship is unique, so your gift should reflect that and give your partner the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you put a lot of time and effort into picking it out.

If you’d like a helping hand, however, we’ve got your back! Here is our round up of some unique Valentine’s Day gifts. We’ve included presents that anyone can enjoy (and that couples can usually enjoy together!)

Alex Liddy Acacia Square Serving Board 54 x 40cm, $89.99

A charcuterie board
A charcuterie board is never not needed. Period. It can turn any bad day around. Photo: House

The perfect low key date night with your beau is a glass of wine, a movie and a delicious cheeseboard to share.

If your other half loves a bit of charcuterie, treat them to this large cheeseboard.


The paddleboard shape is a cool, contemporary design, and the board is made from premium acacia wood.

If you really want to spoil them, gift this board with cheese and hummus.

Oh, and maybe a bottle of bubbles?

Philips NeoPix Easy2+ Home Projector, $299

Philips NeoPix Easy2+ Home Projector from The Good Guys

Another unique date idea is to set up an at-home cinema.

This projector can display an image against any blank, white wall.

Or, get really fancy and hang a sheet up outdoors for an authentic under-the-stars twilight cinema atmosphere.

The environmentally-friendly LED light can project HD images from 2 metres away and can connect to any multimedia advice, including computers and gaming consoles.

Plug in your speaker to complete the cinema experience.

What Do You Meme? Let's Get Deep card game, $39.31

What Do you Meme? Let's Get Deep card game from Amazon

A thoughtful twist on the hilarious party game, ‘Let’s Get Deep,’ consists of 500 cards containing question prompts to get the conversation flowing between you and your partner.

The questions come in three levels of intimacy: Ice Breaker questions, Deep questions, and Deeper questions.

Some examples of the questions are, “what first attracted you to me?” and “what’s your guilty pleasure?”

Custom Underwear Valentines Gift, $19.95

Custom Underwear Valentines Gift Birthday Gift from Gift Lab

Ladies, if your boyfriend or hubby has a wicked sense of humour, you definitely need to get him these custom boxers!

Adorned with a close-up photo of yourself, as well as the words ‘I love you’, this gift is halfway between cheeky (get it?) and adorable.

The undies themselves are made out of soft polyester and are super comfy.

They’re available in six different colours.

Set of Two Personalised Couple Bamboo Travel Mugs, $136


Are you and your other half a big fan of road trips or early morning adventures?

Be that cringe-but-cute couple with these stunning matching, personalised travel mugs.

They’re made from stainless steel and bamboo and can be personalised with both your partner's name, plus a spot for a personalised message at the bottom of the mug.

Whisky Loot subscription, starting from $169

Subscription box from The Whisky Loot

Subscriptions are, quite literally, the gifts that keep on giving.

There are all sorts of incredibly subscription services in Australia, but Whisky Loot stands out from the crowd.

Choose between a 3-month, 6-month or 9-month subscription.

Your loved one will get between 9 to 36 whiskies delivered directly to their door, as well as expert tasting notes, tasting videos and discounted prices for full bottles.

Papinelle Washable Silk Piped PJ, $259

Model wearing WASHABLE SILK PIPED PJ from Papinelle

If you want to treat your girlfriend, get her this luxurious set of pyjamas.

Made out of 100% silk, it’ll make her feel like she is sleeping within a buttery-soft cloud.

Silk is hypoallergenic and good for drawing excess oil out of the skin, perfect for hot summer nights.

These pyjamas are also stylish, so your girlfriend will feel comfortable lounging in them around the house on slow mornings.

Monstera Adansonii, $55

Monstera Adansonii from Fig and Bloom

Ok, so this is getting close to the flowers, but a plant is just different enough to make it onto our list.

Plants last a lot longer than flowers (provided you look after them properly) and can be seen as the first thing you and your partner ‘raise’ together - before a dog or a baby.

They’re also just pretty cool. This Monstera plant is commonly known as the ‘Swiss Cheese’ plant for the random holes in its leaves.

Status Anxiety Liability Toiletries Bag, $149.95

Status Anxiety Liability Toiletries Bag from The Iconic

If you and your partner like to stay at each other's houses often, get a functional gift with a toiletries bag.

This present will save them rooting around their duffle bag for their toothbrush every night.

It’s also a cute gift that lets your beau know you’re looking forward to them having more sleepovers in the future.

This genuine leather bag, with stylish gunmetal hardware, is of premium quality and will last for ages.

It’s got an internal slip pocket and zip pocket to easily separate makeup, haircare and skincare items.

Name a Star Experience, $99

Name a star experience documents from Red Balloon

You simply can’t get more romantic than this!

Buy your loved one their very own star with this Red Balloon experience.

Your girlfriend or boyfriend will receive a parchment certificate and astronomical chart mapping their very own star.

You can pick the constellation and date of registration, so amp up this gift even more by choosing variables significant to the pair of you - maybe the place and date of your first date or of the first time you said ‘I love you’?

Everything I Love to Cook by Neil Perry, $44.95

Everything i love to cook by Neil Perry from Booktopia

Cooking together can be a fun, romantic activity to share with your partner.

Elevate your usual spaghetti bolognese and Taco Tuesdays by gifting them a cookbook.

This book contains Neil Perry’s - iconic Aussie chef and columnist - favourite recipes.

You and your lover can take turns choosing a recipe and cooking a new one every week, as a fun new tradition in your relationship.

The recipes in the book include one for steak sandwiches, ricotta Tortelli, tiramisu and more.

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