Do Unfrosted Pop-Tarts Still Exist?

hand holds box of unfrosted strawberry pop tarts
hand holds box of unfrosted strawberry pop tarts - Zety Akhzar/Shutterstock

Do you recall fond memories of waking up late for school and running out the door, sans breakfast with a trusty toasted Pop-Tart in hand? In that case, you're likely familiar with the pleasure of chowing down on a frosted Pop-Tart, the delectable treat slathered in icing and a dash of sprinkles. But even though the frosting on a Pop-Tart can be considered an essential component of the snack today, the original Pop-Tart had no frosting at all. They simply relied on the burst of fruit flavoring squished between two golden dough pieces. The original unfrosted Pop-Tart made its shining debut in 1964, but can you still get the original unfrosted version today?

Unfrosted Pop-Tart lovers are in luck. There are still three unfrosted flavors available for those who want to lower their sugar intake or just enjoy a Pop-Tart plain. Today, you can find unfrosted Pop-Tarts in strawberry, blueberry, and brown sugar cinnamon flavors. This means plenty of options for the fruit-lovers and sugar fiends alike.

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Unfrosted Pop-Tarts Compared To Frosted Ones

strawberry frosted pop tarts on plate, fork
strawberry frosted pop tarts on plate, fork - Plateresca/Shutterstock

Kellogg's is the renowned brand home to many beloved treats even before the Pop-Tart, but the abundance of Pop-Tart flavors available has certainly put the Pop-Tart on top. Your favorite flavor of Pop-Tart may come from nostalgia or a desire for an extra hit of sweetness, but what else might make you reach for an unfrosted Pop-Tart versus a frosted one?

On the one hand, unfrosted Pop-Tarts are simplistic, more comparable to a simple dollop of jam spread on two pieces of toast. The frosting makes a Pop-Tart seem more dessert-like and indulgent. But snackers may be surprised to discover that unfrosted Pop-Tarts have a higher calorie count than their frosted counterparts. In 2015, a Kellogg's representative cleared up the mystery by explaining that because of the lack of a frosting layer, the dough pieces on unfrosted Pop-Tarts are a bit thicker to hold up to the toaster heat. Hence the higher calorie count. If you decide to go wild with unique flavors like strawberry milkshake pop-tarts, you're in for a treat. But if you like your Pop-Tarts the old-fashioned way, the simple but delicious unfrosted Pop-Tarts are still available for you.

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