The Unexpected Syrup You Need To Try In Your Coffee

A steaming glass mug of coffee on a wooden tray
A steaming glass mug of coffee on a wooden tray - worradirek/Shutterstock

Nothing makes a morning merry quite like a cup of joe. Not only does coffee offer us a much-needed rush of caffeine when we still have sand in our eyes from a good night's rest, but it's also customizable, making it both practical and personal. From a jet-black coffee to an iced latte topped with cold foam, there are a million and one ways to zhuzh up a cup of coffee or espresso.

If you take your coffee on the sweeter side, coffee syrups are something you're likely familiar with. Whether it's cinnamon, hazelnut, or pistachio, they're all delicious in their unique way, but there's one unexpected syrup you need to try in your coffee at least once: rhubarb syrup. Rhubarb is a stalky red vegetable with a tart flavor that's often baked or cooked (or turned into syrup, of course) with sugar or other sweeteners to give it a more dessert-like taste.

Its sweet, zippy, and uplifting flavor profile balances the bitterness of coffee and espresso beans, giving it a more palatable flavor for those who prefer sweet coffee or just want to shake up their routine. While common coffee syrups like vanilla and pumpkin spice syrup are warming and cozy, rhubarb syrup is a departure from traditions and offers a vibrant, summer-inspired coffee-drinking experience similar to other unconventional syrups like those infused with floral lavender or fragrant honey.

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Complementary Rhubarb Coffee Inclusions

Fresh rhubarb stalks on a cutting board
Fresh rhubarb stalks on a cutting board - KarepaStock/Shutterstock

Rhubarb-kissed coffee is an exciting, unique beverage in and of itself. However, if you're a flavor fanatic, consider jazzing things up with added infusions and toppings for a tapestry of riveting flavors made to melt into your morning coffee. A rhubarb-mocha coffee, for example, is a match made in heaven. The tart, sweet flavors of rhubarb will cut through the decadent richness of chocolate syrup or cocoa powder, culminating in a well-balanced, dessert-inspired morning beverage likened to the taste of a chocolate-dipped berry.

For a garden-fresh twist that grounds the eccentric taste of rhubarb coffee, consider adding a shot of matcha to the mix. The grassy, vegetal spirit of matcha will infuse the coffee with the centering taste of earth while complementing the organic, sour notes of the rhubarb syrup.

You can also top your rhubarb-infused coffee with whipped cream for a hint of velvety richness that coats the tongue with a round, lush mouthfeel and eases the intensity of rhubarb by suspending its flavors in a fatty, cloud-like essence. Bonus points for dusting the whipped cream with crushed nuts or coconut shavings for a nutty, woodsy flavor that's complemented by the zesty cream-tinted rhubarb.

Try These Rhubarb Coffee Food Pairings

A plated slice of strawberry rhubarb pie
A plated slice of strawberry rhubarb pie - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Whether you add additional ingredients to rhubarb coffee is ultimately up to you. But drinking coffee on an empty stomach is a dangerous game, so it's good to keep a mental repertoire of provisions that complement rhubarb-threaded coffee. Strawberries and rhubarb go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether it's a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie or a batch of freshly sliced strawberries, the organic sweetness of these juicy red fruits is the perfect accompaniment to rhubarb coffee.

To bolster the zest of rhubarb coffee, oranges, lemons, and other citrus fruits will enhance the tart notes of the drink while adding a refreshing element to the pleasantly bitter taste of coffee. Think lemon tarts, sugar-dusted grapefruit slices, or crumbly orange scones.

If you're craving something on the savory side, charred pork sausage complements the sour notes in rhubarb with its salty smokiness. A bagel with cream cheese is an excellent vegetarian option that can cleanse the palate with creamy, lush mouthfuls, resetting your tastebuds to prepare them for another sip of uplifting rhubarb coffee. Whichever way you choose to prepare and pair it, coffee tinted with rhubarb syrup is a must-try. Trust us, your tastebuds will thank you.

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