TV star Trinny Woodall drops shock C-bomb on The Project

Holly Hales
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Trinny Woodall spelled out the C-bomb during her appearance on The Project. Photo: Network 10

British television star Trinny Woodall has dropped an unexpected C-bomb during a live appearance on The Sunday Project.

The fashion favourite, who found fame alongside Susannah Constantin on What Not To Wear in the early 2000s, made the shock blunder while speaking about her longtime collaborator.

When asked whether the pair are still friends, the 55-year-old was quick to confirm—but not without adding some of her trademark humour.

What not to say

In addition to staying tight in traditional ways, Trinny revealed she and her pal like to “call each other rude names”.

“I mean I’ll text her and be like ‘how are you c***?’,” she explained before spelling out the entire expletive.

While the quip was meant in good humour, it left hosts including Lisa Wilkinson and Tommy Little visibly shocked given their show’s family friendly time slot.

Trinny soon explained her way out of the blunder, saying she had meant to leave out a few letters in the naughty word.

Tommy Little was among the hosts shocked at Trinny's on-air gaffe. Photo: Network 10

Divisive quip

But some of the show’s viewers weren’t so impressed, and critiqued the guest for making such an obvious misstep.

“Pity the style queen has no class. Spelling out the C$%# word on TV,” one commenter wrote before adding the move was “very disappointing.”

Luckily for Trinny, many fans found humour in the moment with one even calling her “possibly the best guest The Project’s ever booked”.

“What a funny and fabulous woman!!! OMFG that spelling slip up,” another concluded.

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