Tyler Perry Shares an Update on 'Sister Act' 3

Whoopi Goldberg in 'Sister Act.'

Rejoice, Sister Act fans! Whoopi Goldberg is getting *back in the habit* again. It was announced in 2020 that a third Sister Act film was in development with Goldberg set to reprise her role as Deloris Van Cartier aka Sister Mary Clarence and produce with Tyler Perry.

"I've been trying to do this for six years," Goldberg told Entertainment Tonight in July of 2022. "I was told no one was interested in this. It takes a minute for people to realize they should take their foot out of their mouth."

"It's coming. We gotta shoot it, but it's happening," The View co-host added at the time. "You're never fully happy with a script because one of the things you find is you wanna have the space to make an adjustment if you need to. Sometimes what looks right on paper doesn't come out of your mouth the right way. You have to move it around a little bit but I'm very hopeful people will be happy."

Until that oh happy day when the movie comes out, here is everything we know so far about Sister Act 3.

What is the Sister Act 3 release date?

A release date for the film has not yet been revealed. However, in Feb. 2024, Tyler Perry shared an update on the movie, telling Entertainment Tonight, "I'm a little annoyed with how long this has taken me. It's taking so long, like I've done four movies since we started talking about this."

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How to watch Sister Act 3?

During the Walt Disney Company’s Investor Day event in 2020, it was announced that Sister Act 3 would be among the projects filling the Disney+ slate. The original 1992 movie Sister Act and sequel Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit are both available on the streaming service.

Who is in the Sister Act 3 cast?

Goldberg is set to star in the third film. In 2022, the Sister Act actress revealed that her dream cast includes Keke Palmer and Lizzo. On an episode of Hell of a Week with Charlamagne Tha God, Goldberg said (via Variety), "I’m gonna ask Keke to come. You know, I want everybody to come in. I want Lizzo to come." She then appeared to reference rapper Nicki Minaj. Goldberg admitted, "I want as many people who want to have some fun because I really, desperately need to have some fun."

Will Maggie Smith return for Sister Act 3?

Goldberg has expressed her desire to have Maggie Smith return as Mother Superior. "I want to let Maggie Smith know that I'm holding the part of Mother Superior for you, because I just can't do it with anybody but you," Goldberg told Loose Women's Judi Love in early 2023. "So, if you need me to come over here and shoot it and do whatever we have to do, we will do whatever you want us to do. But we don't want to do it without you, Maggie."

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What will happen in Sister Act 3?

Perry has previously teased that Sister Act 3 is "more Whoopi than anything." Discussing the film with Entertainment Tonight in May 2022, the filmmaker said, "I wanted it to be the experience that I had watching both of [the first two films.] I want everybody who watches it to feel that way coming out of the theater, to feel that sense of good in life."

Perry continued, "And as far as Whoopi goes too, because I just want to make sure that she was honoring Dolores and honoring the ladies and the nuns, and what they had done before, so, I'm pretty excited about the script. It's going to be really, really phenomenal."

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