People On Twitter Revealed They're Definitely Not Okay, Plus More Things Happening Online

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Let's dive in! The official Sesame Street Twitter accounts got quite the attention this week, first when Big Bird spent a few days shrunk down in size and people had little jokes to make about the situation.

Twitter: @Keefler_Elf


Twitter: @MattBellassai

But the real drama started when Elmo asked Twitter how they were feeling and, well, people were *really* honest. And it turns out, no one is doing very well at all.

Twitter: @Seamus_Malek

Twitter: @JBfromDC89

Seriously, RIP Elmo's social media manager because these replies are depressing as hell.

Twitter: @sleep2dream

In TikTok news, a now-deleted clip from @coporatenatalie's podcast debating whether a Gen Z employee should be in trouble for skipping an 8 a.m. meeting in favor of a workout class went super viral.

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@demotedpodcast / Via

But the saga really gained steam when @trekfit stitched it, responding to Natalie as if he were the employee mentioned in her video. / Via

The video soon gained over 30 million views, with supportive comments on his side.

"nah I'm with natalie on this one king"

But wait — the plot thickens! It turns out, his entire video was a skit. He doesn't know Natalie, and he most certainly was not the employee mentioned.

I guess regardless of the truth, it definitely revealed the sharp divide between Gen Z and millennial work habits.

Lastly, a feud between Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion spread to Twitter after Nicki released a supposed diss track and ranted online about Megan.



The internet definitely seems to have sided with Megan, though, breaking out the jokes about Nicki's tirade, song, and obvious vendetta against Megan.

Twitter: @fuckbillienem

Twitter: @ldrarmpit

Twitter: @jjasshole

Let's move on to something a little lighter, shall we? We rounded up some wholesome content from around the internet, just for you.

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Kathy Hoang/BuzzFeed

Your: Ride is here, queen.

Twitter: @rebtool

Need: Only two things in life for pure happiness.

Twitter: @iiLayEggs

Cozy: On up with your friends.

Twitter: @Slime0sama

Watch: Cats just being (dumb) cats.

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