For A New Twist On Egg Salad, Start Scrambling Your Eggs

fried sandwich with scrambled egg salad filling
fried sandwich with scrambled egg salad filling - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

When you need a quick, affordable, and tasty lunch — or, hey, even just a snack — egg salad is always a good choice. You can whip it up with just a few ingredients that most people already have on hand in their kitchens, and it tastes good whether you pile it on a sandwich, use crackers to scoop it up, or serve it atop a bed of greens.

Now, most of the time, classic egg salad recipes call for hard-boiled eggs. While this preparation style certainly leads to a tasty dish, there's an easier way to cook your eggs for this meal — scramble them.

Scrambling your eggs won't give you the same chunky salad with pieces of yolk and egg white scattered throughout. Instead, your dish will be much more uniform. However, it still calls for mayo, mustard, and other standard egg salad mix-ins that contribute to a tasty meal. At the same time, scrambling tends to be a bit quicker than hard boiling, saving you time in the kitchen and reducing the wait for that lunch or snack you're craving.

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What Goes Into Making Scrambled Egg Salad?

Mixing bowl of egg
Mixing bowl of egg - Frank Armstrong/Getty Images

While scrambled egg salad can be made with whisked eggs and a dash of salt and pepper, you can also experiment with adding milk, cream, or water to your beaten egg mix to thin them out and alter the consistency. Dairy options can provide a smoother, creamier consistency, while water can make the egg flavor more pronounced and result in a fluffier scramble.

Whichever method you choose, preparing the scramble is just the beginning. Beyond that, you'll still need to mix the now-cooked eggs with the usual mayo and Dijon mustard, as well as any other ingredients you typically include in your favorite egg salad recipe.

You can also experiment with additional mix-ins. For example, add some salty, briny flavor to the dish by tossing in a few capers. Or, introduce a spicy kick with chopped jalapeño. You could also add some crunch with fresh celery chunks, which would contrast wonderfully with the creamy, uniform texture of your scramble.

Other Twists On Egg Salad

Egg salad crostini with meat
Egg salad crostini with meat - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Scrambled egg salad isn't the only twist you can try on this classic recipe. There are plenty of other ways to achieve a unique flavor profile and change how you assemble the dish. One example is making fried egg salad. Similar to the scrambled method, this technique involves mixing raw eggs together in a bowl and then pouring them into a frying pan. Fry the egg mixture until it's crispy and fully cooked before using kitchen scissors to chop it into smaller pieces and mix it with your other egg salad ingredients. You can even cook the eggs with a bit of meat, such as ham or bacon, and onions to really enhance the flavor.

Another way to change up the flavor profile is to make deviled egg salad. Although this method returns to hard boiling, it offers a unique flavor profile similar to the classic party appetizer of the same name. Season the entire dish with a dash of paprika to enhance the deviled egg experience, and enjoy!

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