How to Turn a Canned Cocktail Into a High-End Drink, According to Miles Teller

Miles Teller

A casual tasting at a local liquor store turned serendipitous for Miles Teller in 2018, after he happened to try a canned cocktail—The Finnish Long Drink—and immediately knew it was something special. 

For those unfamiliar, "long drink" is a popular category of alcohol in Finland—a liquor that's made up of gin and a mixture (usually grapefruit soda, as it is in this canned version).

Now a co-owner of the Long Drink brand, Teller is passionate about getting the word out and sharing the drink with others. So, when Parade recently sat down with him at a local event in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Teller shared which Long Drink flavor he likes best, which option his wife (and one of Taylor Swift's BFFs) Keleigh prefers and how to turn this popular canned drink into a mixologist-worthy cocktail in one simple step.

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Long Drink Flavors

The Finnish Long Drink is currently available in four flavors nationwide (Traditional, Zero, Cranberry, Strong), with a fifth flavor (Peach) available in select markets. The ABV of the cans range from 5% (Long Drink Zero) to 8.5% (Long Drink Strong), with the other flavors coming in at 5.5%. For context, regular beers have between 5% and 6% ABV. Because Long Drink is made with gin and grapefruit soda, it's also gluten-free.

So, what's Teller's favorite?

"I think the original is the best flavor," he tells Parade. "And then if I’m watching my figure for a film or something, I do the sugar-free." That's when his household is in agreement, as the Zero is Keleigh's drink of choice.

But Teller doesn't stop there. "I’ll switch it up, honestly—I’ll switch it into Cranberry around the holidays. And Peach is good too, it reminds me of an adult Peach Snapple.”

We've tried (and loved) the Peach as well and can attest that description is right on the money.

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Miles Teller's Finnish Long Drink Canned Cocktail Hack

Although the Long Drink is a great standalone drink, Teller also likes to use it as a base for cocktails. One of his favorites is a tequila-based beverage. 

"I put [Traditional] Long Drink over ice with a splash of reposado, because reposado tends to be a sweeter tequila," he tells Parade as he sips on this exact drink. "I think the hints of vanilla make a really prime-time cocktail."

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<em>Miles Teller at Noco Provisions in Grand Rapids, Michigan</em><p>Courtesy SJK Productions</p>
Miles Teller at Noco Provisions in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Courtesy SJK Productions

Celeb Reactions

"The whole thing is very organic," Teller says about sharing The Finnish Long Drink with the people in his life, explaining that Kygo, a Norwegian DJ and record producer, tried it at Teller's wedding in 2019, then shared the canned cocktail with professional golfers Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas. They are now all co-owners as well.

That's not where Miles and Keleigh's star connections end, though. The couple is friends with Nina Dobrev and Shaun White, and Keleigh frequently goes out with her close friend Taylor Swift (including dinners, football games and the recent Golden Globes). Considering all of that, has anyone else had any strong reactions to this canned cocktail?

“Honestly, everybody that we hang out with has gotten very well-acclimated with the Long Drink and they all love it," Teller smiles. "I know, I gotta get...there’s some good opportunities for sure with some of the people that we know to put it out there.”

But no matter who's drinking it, one thing's for sure: We're looking forward to seeing more of the Long Drink in 2024!

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