The truth about Meghan Markle's disappearing baby bump

Since the announcement last week of the Duchess of Sussex’s pregnancy, the world has officially been on royal bump watch.

And the royal tour and Meghan’s tour-drobe has provided the perfect opportunity for fans to catch a glimpse of the Duchess’ growing bump.

But the changing size of her stomach has people a tad confused.

The Duchess of Sussex’ baby bump appears to be changing in size [Photo: Getty]

While her pregnancy wasn’t at all obvious when the couple touched down in Fiji and she was wearing a white dress by Australian label Zimmerman, the bump was a lot more noticeable by the evening, when Meghan looked positively blooming in a full length electric blue cape dress by SAFiYAA.

“I have been following the Royal Tour but can someone explain to me how Meghan’s baby bump gotten bigger with a few days,” one user wrote on Twitter.

“I also note that Meghan’s baby bump is getting bigger by the day!” agreed Emily Andrews, royal correspondent for The Sun. “I swear it was not this big last week! I think it’s the clinging nature of the dress but she’s sure looking swell!”

So what’s going on? Has Meghan’s baby bump miraculously grown overnight? Is she further along in her pregnancy than the reported three or four months she’s said to be?

It is possible that the shape and fabric of Meghan’s various outfits could have an impact on how large her bump appears and the fact she is holding her stomach in certain pictures could also accentuate its size.

But there’s another reason the Duchess’ bump may have looked particularly pronounced that evening and then almost flat again the following morning.

According to Liz Halliday, Deputy Head of Midwifery at Private Midwives baby bumps can actually appear larger at certain times of the day.

“It’s very common for a baby bump to appear more pronounced over the course of the day,” she explains.

Holding your bump can make it seem more pronounced [Photo: Getty]

Speaking to Yahoo UK, Liz explained that there are several reasons bump size can appear larger in the evening.

One of those factors is the abdominal muscles.

“The tone of abdominal muscles decreases over the course of the day and so a woman’s bump may appear smaller in the morning when the muscles are rested and larger as the day progresses and the muscles become tired and offer less support,” Liz explains.

Bloating is another consideration. “As the day progresses and we eat more food, the bowel becomes fuller leading to a more pronounced bump,” Liz continues.

“Hydration also plays a role here as early in the morning we are less hydrated having been asleep and therefore not consuming water.

Meghan Markle in Tonga. [Photo: Getty]

“Throughout the day we consume water and this can cause some bloating, not to mention a full bladder, which will push the uterus upwards, creating a larger bump,” she adds.

The other factor that could be at play is Meghan’s hormones.

“Progesterone causes a slowing of gut motility making the above-mentioned bloating more pronounced in pregnancy than in non-pregnant people,” Liz explains.

So are all pregnant women prone to the growing then disappearing bump phenomenon?

“The degree to which a woman may experience this is very individual and may be influenced by pre-pregnancy weight, fitness level, core strength, age and how many pregnancies she has carried,” Liz explains.

Meghan Markle is pregnant

Just hours after they arrived in Australia on October 15, 2018, the royal pair announced they were expecting their first child together.

“Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Sussex is expecting a baby in the Spring of 2019,” the palace said in statement on Twitter.

“Their Royal Highnesses have appreciated all of the support they have received from people around the world since their wedding in May and are delighted to be able to share this happy news with the public.”

Why Meghan and Harry don’t want an official title for their baby

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are determined their child will live a ‘normal’ life.

The royals – who recently announced they’re preparing for the arrival of their first child – reportedly hope that he or she will be able to live as normal a life as possible, despite the inevitable interest of the public.

“That word ‘normal’ looms very large for Harry and Meghan when it comes to their child’s future,” the source told the Sunday Times newspaper.

Although the baby will be the seventh in line to the throne, he or she will not be given a royal title unless the Queen decides to intervene.

And the Duke and Duchess – who tied the knot at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in May – are apparently eager to follow in the footsteps of Princess Anne, whose children have established their own independent careers.

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