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The truth behind those fancy pregnancy announcement photos you see on social media

Those hip, modern and always aesthetically pleasing pregnancy announcements might not be what you think they are — and the truth is shocking TikTok.

TikToker @alayna__g gained over 662,000 views and 38,000 likes when she blew the lid off all the fancy “Coming Soon” announcements your friends post on Instagram.

Now, much like the restaurant worker who revealed the heartbreaking truth behind those deliciously sizzling fajita dishes, @alayna__g‘s exposé is going viral.

“Me and half of the internet are feeling bamboozled,” Alayna’s video begins.

Using the green screen effect, she points to the screen recording behind her, scrolling through Etsy listings for trendy pregnancy announcements.

“You just go to Etsy, purchase this, put your name on it, and then post it. Like, no one is making this from Hobby Lobby then posting. One photographer, and then they sell it, like hundreds of times.”

Etsy creators refer to these photos as “digital pregnancy announcements,” and they sell for $6 to $10.

One listing describes their product this way: “Share the news of your pregnancy with friends and family with this Digital Pregnancy Announcement. This editable template allows you to customize and download your announcement instantly! Use this pregnancy reveal to share on all social media platforms.”

“I had no idea…”

TikTokers were shocked by this revelation.

@carrotokarroto: “i had no idea…i always thought everyone was just buying the same supplies for the announcement pic”

@esue123: “MY WHOLE LIFE IS A LIE!”

Other TikTokers had suspected something fishy was going on with these announcements.

@allie_cali: “7 people on my friends list posted the same layout during the same weekend I was like wait a damn minute I just saw this”

One Etsy seller complained about how their own announcement business is being damaged.

@emsmurr: “I run an Etsy selling actual baby announcement signs and this whole Trend is killing my business”

Some TikTokers were big fans of the digital pregnancy announcement.

@pau_resendez: “As someone who hates buying useless stuff that gets used only once, this was the best $12 I spent. And I don’t need to store anything”

@_lookatbannermichael_: “Lmao those supplies would be so expensive to buy to make a single picture. For immediate results & only $4-7 while preg & busy, it’s worth it”

@taylorshockley: “I WISH I had known this 2 babies ago”

As we’ve learned about social media time and time again, what you see is not always what you get — even when it comes to the latest in pregnancy announcements.

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