Trolls slammed for abusing mum's post-baby body

Eliza Velk
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A mother who took the brave step of uploading a picture of her post-baby body to a Facebook group has faced backlash by nasty trolls commenting on her appearance.

Demonstrating a sense of female empowerment the New Zealand woman showed off her stomach’s stretch marks and excess skin left from pregnancy and captioned the post, “ātaahua”, the Māori term for “be beautiful”.

A Kiwi mother has shared a picture of her post-pregnancy stomach but the reactions weren’t all positive. Source: Facebook

However, some of the responses were shocking – particularly from some men who mocked her stretched-marked stomach.

“Bio-oil and walks with the pram won’t fix that,” one user said, while another deemed she had, “skin of a rhino”.

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Thankfully many people came to the woman’s support, praising her ‘confidence’ and ‘beautiful tiger stripes’ before snapping back at the men who insulted her.

“Of course these insults come from men…perhaps you would change your view if you were able to and know how hard and beautiful it is to carry and birth a child,” one woman commented. 

“This has nothing to do with NZ women, obesity OR LAZINESS. All women are different and carry their pregnancy differently, stretch marks can happen to the smallest of women. And stretch marks and the pouch of skin you get after birthing a child WILL NEVER GO AWAY. Go educate yourself.”

Source: Facebook

While another said, “Any dude who puts a woman down for her stretch marks or sees them as ugly doesn’t deserve the company of a woman and shouldn’t really call himself a man.”

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Many other mums, admitted that it took them a long time to accept their body after pregnancy – stretch marks and all.

But both men and women continued encouraging that stretch marks as a ‘badge of honour’ and a reflection of what their body is capable of.

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