The Trisha Yearwood Brunch Dish That’s Way Easier Than Making Pancakes

Trisha Yearwood brunch

Trisha Yearwood is a country music legend. The award-winning singer has been cranking out hits for years. And whether you know her from She's in Love With the Boy or maybe something a little more recent, she has a knack for hitting all the right notes.

And Yearwood's star power extends beyond the country music stage. She's also a cookbook author and a Food Network star. Her Southern specialties encourage cooks all over to head to the kitchen and get cooking. And if you don't feel like cooking but would like to get a taste of Yearwood's food (like Mama's Meatloaf), you can swing by the Friends in Low Places Bar & Honky Top that she opened with her husband, fellow music legend Garth Brooks in Nashville.

Because we don't live near Nashville, we're going to have to rely on her recipes, which isn't a bad thing. Her show aired from 2012 til 2022, so luckily we have a a lot of inspiration to draw from. And when we were recently taking a jog through some of her recipes we ran across her Blueberry Pancake Cake. Because it's the season for berries and brunches it caught our eye.

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Why You Should Make Trisha Yearwood's Blueberry Pancake Cake

As soon as we saw the shot of this dish in Yearwood's Food Network video, we knew we had to make it. Blueberry pancakes are iconic, but they're also a lot of work and really need to be served immediately, which means the cook doesn't usually get to sit down at the table with everyone else.

To solve for that, Yearwood makes a pancake-cake hybrid batter and cooks it in a cast iron skillet. The simple batter has some brown sugar for a caramelly sweetness, buttermilk for a tangy hit (and a lot of loft) and plenty of blueberries, of course.

Taking a page from Southern-style cornbread, Yearwood preheats the skillet in the oven while she makes the batter. Once the skillet is hot, she melts a mixture of butter and oil in the skillet and then pours the batter in. This method helps make sure the bottom and sides of the cake will be nice and golden brown.

The cake goes into the oven for 30 to 35 minutes and that's it! Yearwood gilds the lilly with a Southern-style syrup that she makes while the cake bakes (an old-school mix of corn syrup, vanilla extract, and cinnamon) but you could also top the giant pancake with maple syrup.

Serve wedges of the tall, tender breakfast cake with a simple fruit salad and some crispy bacon and you (and your brunch guests) will definitely have something to sing about.

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