Why this hotel is Australia's most reviewed on Tripadvisor

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living room in three bedroom suite at Meriton Suites Broadbeach
Tripadvisor's most reviewed hotel in Australia is the Meriton Suites Broadbeach. Photo: Tripadvisor

A family friendly hotel on the Gold Coast has picked up the most reviews of any accomodation in Australia on Tripadvisor.

Over 12,700 guests of the Meriton Suites Broadbeach have taken to the platform to leave their thoughts on their stay, and even with that volume of responses, the high rise hotel boasts an impressive average rating of four and a half out of five stars.

So what’s got everyone talking? Well first of all there’s the location - as far as holidays go, the Gold Coast has always been a popular option thanks to its theme parks, beaches and nightlife, not to mention sunny subtropical climate.

The Meriton Suites Broadbeach in particular is situated just off the beachfront and is also a very easy walking distance from The Star, a large shopping centre and dozens of cafes and restaurants, so even though there is parking on site, you won’t need a car to keep entertained.

private balcony at Meriton Suites Broadbeach
All rooms have a private balcony or terrace attached. Photo: Tripadvisor

It’s also a great option for families as it has spacious yet reasonably priced suites with multiple bedrooms, a heated indoor pool, a fenced outdoor pool and plenty of kid friendly amenities.

The hotel describes its rooms as ‘oversized’ and regardless of whether you select a studio, one, two or three bedroom suite, they all come with a separate living and dining space, kitchen or kitchenette (depending on the size of the room) and a private balcony.

More like a mini apartment than a traditional hotel room, all accommodation also has an internal laundry with a washer and dryer so you don’t have to go home with a suitcase full of dirty washing.

The two and three bedroom suites, which are perfect for families or groups of friends, have a second bathroom so the kids won’t be bursting into your ensuite to brush their teeth before bed, and the kitchens are equipped with a proper stove top and oven so you don’t have to eat out every night if you don’t want to.

floor plan of the studio and two bedroom suite at Meriton Suites Broadbeach
The floor plan of the spacious studio (left) and a two bedroom suite (right) at the Meriton Suites Broadbeach. Photo: Tripadvisor

Then there are the views. The two towers that make up the hotel reach up to the 32nd floor with all rooms above the first few floors boasting views over either the beach, the hinterland or the hotel pool.

The spaciousness of the rooms, that start at $296 a night, and central location are recurring themes in many of the reviews left, but another sticking point for guests is the service.

Although the hotel is busy, lots of people describe the staff as friendly, competent and efficient, with plenty of reviewers going to the trouble of singling out their favourite staff member by name and thanking them for the quality of service.

“Shoutout to staff - Cheryl, Patrick and Trevor - that treated us like royalty. Nothing was too much - and they always went above and beyond," one person said, while another wrote, "A big thanks to Rishi and the staff who really made our holiday a pleasure. A very professional team."

Others described the staff as quick to respond to any requests or issues, but speaking of issues, one that keeps coming up in the reviews is about the TVs and streaming service.

While the hotel has good WiFi, the TV and streaming options are definitely a negative that contributed to the loss of that last half a star with lots of reviewers complaining that they needed help to get it working.

Overall, the hotel picked up five stars for location and four and a half stars each for cleanliness, service and value.

bedroom at Meriton Suites Broadbeach
The bedroom in a one bedroom ocean view suite. Photo: Tripadvisor

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