We Tried Taco Bell's Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap Supreme & Tostada

Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap and Tostada
Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap and Tostada - Michael Palan / Static Media

In 2022, Taco Bell and Cheez-It teamed up for a literal giant idea, where a Cheez-It was enlarged 16 times its normal size and added to the Tostada and Crunchwrap. The Big Cheez-It Tostada and Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap were given a test run at a single Taco Bell in Irvine, California, and the demand was so high, that it wasn't even able to make its full two-week run. When a restaurant says "while supplies last," they're apparently not lying. Two years later, everyone in America is finally getting their own taste of these "Big" time items.

Liz Matthews, Taco Bell's Global Chief Food Innovation Officer, expressed enthusiasm for the nationwide launch, saying, "This collaboration isn't just about bringing together two iconic brands; it's about taking the spirit of fan innovation to create something truly larger than life." The excitement was shared by Jessica Waller, general manager, Away From Home, Kellanova, who added, "Teaming up with Taco Bell has been an incredible experience for Kellanova to bring the Cheez-It passion for cheesy flavor and fun into new culinary territories so that fans of both brands Want it. Need It. Cheez-It."

So, does a bigger Cheez-It make for a better Cheez-It, especially if it's all worked up with ingredients from the Taco Bell kitchen? There's only one way to find out. This chew and review is based on taste, Cheez-It-ness, and overall lovability.

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What Does Taco Bell's Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap Supreme Taste Like?

bitten Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap Supreme
bitten Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap Supreme - Michael Palan / Static Media

Before me was what looked like a standard Crunchwrap. It even closely resembled the Crunchwrap one can make themselves at home, thanks to Taco Bell's cravings kit. It's a hefty feller that almost requires two hands to hold. With not much to admire on the outside, it was time to get down to tasting.

A first bite contained the usual trimmings one would expect of a Taco Bell Crunchwrap, where a sharp, and warm nacho cheese swims in a delicious harmony with seasoned beef, cool reduced-fat sour cream, shards of lettuce, and diced tomatoes, all wrapped in a crunchy, yet soft tortilla shell. What I didn't seem to taste was any trace of Cheez-Its. In this one, it is supposed to replace the usual tostada centerpiece within. I couldn't seem to find it on repeated tastes, examinations by eye, or with my finger rifling through its contents. Eventually, I dug deep enough to see something that resembled a Cheez-It-y residue mixed in with all the other ingredients. Sadly, the big Cheez-It here feels very minute, and didn't add any additional crunch or cheesiness of note.

A single Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap Supreme is good for 470 calories, 17 grams of fat, 6 grams of saturated fat, 20 milligrams of cholesterol, 1210 milligrams of sodium, 63 total grams of carbohydrates, 5 grams of dietary fiber, 6 grams of sugar, and 15 grams of protein.

What Does Taco Bell's Big Cheez-It Tostada Taste Like?

Taco Bell Big Cheez-It Tostada
Taco Bell Big Cheez-It Tostada - Michael Palan / Static Media

The Big Cheez-It Tostada has more of a presence, as a piled mess. Shards of lettuce were everywhere, while bits of beef, diced tomatoes, and shredded cheese added color to the affair. The sour cream was hidden, and only in a small dolloped portion. It all masked the giant Cheez-It that acted as a bedding beneath. I could only sort of make out its bright orange, crackery edges. When I tried to move the Tostada as a whole, I realized that the weight of all those ingredients had broken the giant Cheez-It into smaller pieces and the whole thing had kind of turned into a mash.

I couldn't figure out whether to attack this item with my hands or a fork. Since the Cheez-It had lost its thickness, I resorted to using a fork. While a little bit of the crunchiness had been lost, the taste of a Cheez-It thankfully remained. It added a nice cheesy saltiness that compliments the rest of the toppings. It only lost some of its power when the seasoned beef dominated a bite, which shows just how toothsome that element is on its own.

A single Big Cheez-It Tostada is good for 120 calories, 8 grams of fat, 4.5 grams of saturated fat, 30 milligrams of cholesterol, 320 milligrams of sodium, 6 total grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of dietary fiber, 2 grams of sugar, and 7 grams of protein.

How To Buy Taco Bell's New Big Cheez-It Menu Items

Taco Bell bag and box
Taco Bell bag and box - Michael Palan / Static Media

The Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap Supreme and Big Cheez-It Tostada are available for an unspecified limited time only at participating nationwide Taco Bells, while supplies last. Taco Bell Rewards members get an exclusive first crack at ordering them through Taco Bell app, which has been temporarily redesigned to look like a Cheez-It. This early window starts on May 30 and lasts through June 5. On June 6, both items will be available to order by one and all in stores.

The Big Cheez-It Tostada retails à la carte for $3.99, and the Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap Supreme for $5.49. One can also order the Big Cheez-It Box for $8.99, which includes the Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap Supreme, a Beefy 5- Layer Burrito, regular sized Nacho Fries, and a medium fountain drink of your choice. Prices may vary per location.

The items can be completely customized, including removing ingredients or adding additional ones. It also allows for swapping out the beef for another protein. Add-ons, like guacamole and potatoes, are also options that come at an additional cost. The Cheez-It items are available for ordering anytime Taco Bell is open, but be sure to confirm with your nearest location.

Our Final Thoughts On Taco Bell's New Big Cheez-It Menu Items

Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap at Live Más Live
Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap at Live Más Live - Michael Palan / Static Media

Taco Bell revealed almost too many items at its Live Más Live event in February. Hearing about them was one thing, but trying all of them turned out to be a Herculean feat. There were some clear winners, like the Cheesy Chicken Crispanda and Baja Blast Pie, as well as some more ho-hum ones, like the Cantina Chicken Menu. When I tried the Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap Supreme at the event, it didn't initially strike a chord at the time, due to its lack of Cheez-It-ness; it somehow got lost in its own shuffle.

Now, far removed from the bloat-inducing event -- and with a clear stomach and open mind -- I was ready to Cheez-It up all over again. It turns out that my second encounter with the Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap Supreme was pretty much like the first — in search of the branded cheesy cracker within. The Big Cheez-It Tostada fared better in capturing that familiar salty crunch, but I still was somewhat left wanting something well, bigger.

There's promise in these products, but perhaps the delivery needs more work. The giant Cheez-It is a fun gimmick, but why camouflage it, or worse, let it get soggy? Let this Cheez-It stand alone, as a giant square. We could marvel at its mass, and then use it as a giant chip to scoop up all the Taco Bell ingredients. Think of it as deconstructed nachos that we'd all be saying, "Want it. Need It. Cheez-It." about.

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