We Tried 9 Off-Brand Oreo Imposters To See How They Compare To The Real Deal

Packages of cookies
Packages of cookies - Jenn Carnevale / Static Media

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When indulging in the universe of cookies, there's one iconic treat that reigns supreme -- the Oreo. Its unmistakable combination of crunchy chocolate cookie and velvety vanilla cream filling has become a legendary duo in the snack realm. But what if I told you there's a whole world of off-brand Oreo imposters attempting to dethrone the reigning champion? To some, this might read as blasphemy, but to me, I see brilliance.

I took it upon myself to see if there are any Oreo copycats out there that can hold a candle to the iconic branded cookie sandwich. I gathered 9 options and taste-tested each to see which off-brand cookie is the best of the best, determining if any come close to capturing the essence of the original -- if such a cookie can exist. Spoiler alert: Oreo has some competition, with one major competitor giving the brand a run for its money.

It's time to dunk, munch, and decipher the secrets behind the world of Oreo imposters. Get ready for a cookie showdown like no other -- Oreo style!

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Market Basket

Market Basket sandwich cookies
Market Basket sandwich cookies - Jenn Carnevale / Static Media

Taking last place on this list of imposters is Market Basket's attempt at the Oreo cookie: The Cremes Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. Unfortunately, I don't have any positive things to say about this copycat. When you open the package, you don't get the tempting scent of chocolate or cookies wafting toward you ... and it only gets worse from there.

The taste can only be described as gross. There was no chocolate flavor within the sandwich cookie, and the frosting was lacking sugar. The cookie itself was also stale and kind of soggy. On top of the poor eating experience, these cookies aren't great for you either. They're filled with ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, and 12 grams of sugar per three cookies. I'm not saying you have to eat healthy all the time, but if you're going to "cheat," don't cheat with these.

Overall, these were bland, boring, and a big heck no for me. What's worse, these cookies have that old-school packaging with no easy-open or resealable bag. It's just gut punch after gut punch with this option. Market Basket offers up an all-around fail. Stay away from these imposters.


Newman-O's original cookies
Newman-O's original cookies - Jenn Carnevale / Static Media

Did you know Newman's Own made cookies? I sure didn't, especially Oreo copycats. The brand's version is called Newman-O's, made with organic ingredients and 10 grams of sugar in every two cookies.

Right off the bat, I was impressed by the amount of filling. They look double stuffed, so they best many of the other brands on this list in that department. However, that's where my positive critique ends. The chocolate simply tastes off, bitter, and unpleasant, and the frosting is underwhelming. It's sweet and creamy, but it tastes more like grocery store bakery frosting than it does an Oreo -- and it wasn't great. I didn't get any Oreo vibes here except for the aesthetic.

While the cookies weren't good, what I can say is that 100% of the profits from these cookies go towards helping kids, like the Serious Fun Children's Network. And compared to most on this list, these had natural ingredients. I didn't like Newman-O's, but if you're going healthy when it comes to an Oreo imposter, and you want to ensure your money is going to a morally sound company, Newman's won't disappoint.

Goodie Girl

Goodie Girl cookies
Goodie Girl cookies - Jenn Carnevale / Static Media

Coming in at number 7 is a brand I'd never tried before called Goodie Girl. This is another plant-based cookie option offering a sweet treat without artificial colors or preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, gluten, eggs, or dairy. That's a pretty big feat! And I have to say, for all that being true, these weren't as bad as you might think, even with their less-than-stellar place on the ranking.

Upon the first bite, you get lots of flavors that aren't chocolate, and I think that's from the healthy ingredient list. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but these are not Oreos. They boast real cocoa, yet I'm left confused because I'm still missing that rich chocolate taste within the profile. The cookie itself is sweet, which makes sense with the additions of cane sugar, rice flour, and tapioca starch, but I didn't like them. They leave a bad aftertaste, and that weird cookie flavor completely overtakes the sweet frosting. The frosting, which still isn't up to Oreo par, is the only redeeming aspect of these sandwich cremes.

Goodie Girl might offer cookies that are better for you, but who cares? If I'm eating cookies, I want good ones. Give me the trash ingredients if you must, but I want that real Oreo taste.

Great Value

Great Value sandwich cookies
Great Value sandwich cookies - Jenn Carnevale / Static Media

The next imposter is Walmart's Great Value brand with its version of the Oreo called Twist & Shout. While the package says "made with real cocoa," there are a lot of other ingredients that aren't so natural, along with 12 grams of sugar for every two cookies.

This was another option with a rough smell. When you rip open the plastic,  you're hit with a weird and sour scent -- nothing reminiscent of Oreos, or cookies for that matter.

The sandwich cookies had a decent crunch, but they were a little stale at the end of the bite. The cookie also had a unique taste that wasn't chocolate. Maybe the "real cocoa" played a part, but I did not get any Oreo vibes from the chocolate cookie exterior. The frosting was also a letdown with limited sugar flavoring.

Overall, I wouldn't reach for these again, and I don't recommend them as an Oreo imposter or an anytime snack. While these look like Oreos, don't let this book's cover fool you.

Happy Belly

Happy Belly sandwich cremes
Happy Belly sandwich cremes - Jenn Carnevale / Static Media

Next up is Amazon's take on the Oreo through its Happy Belly brand. These cheap sandwich cremes have a lot of unnatural stuff in them, along with 13 grams of sugar per three cookies. But when you open the package, you get the smell of Oreos wafting out, and to me, that was a big win compared to some of these other knockoffs.

The chocolate cookie does have some chocolate flavoring, but they aren't sweet, and they don't taste like an Oreo. The frosting is smooth and soft and does boast a vanilla flavor; it's probably the most positive critique I can give to Amazon's attempt. The filling and the aftertaste are the only aspects that come close to the brand name.

Overall, these are simply underwhelming and a miss when it comes to Oreos. They aren't as bad as the last few on the list, but they aren't great either.

Back To Nature

Back to Nature cookies
Back to Nature cookies - Jenn Carnevale / Static Media

4th place goes to Back to Nature -- a plant-based option boasting natural and non-GMO ingredients. My first impression: Look at that filling! When they made these cookies, they knew it was double or nothing, and I am here for it. But the flavors and overall experience were meh.

The cookie had a good crunch and texture, but the chocolate was bitter. It wasn't rich or sweet at all. The frosting was the savior -- hands down. You can taste real vanilla flavoring, but it's pretty subtle, unlike some of the others here.

My conclusion is that Back to Nature is the best of the healthy options, featuring real ingredients and a generally positive flavor profile. But overall, the flavors aren't balanced like that quintessential Oreo we know and love, and with a whopping 15 grams of sugar in just two cookies, these are merely good -- not great.

Whole Foods 365

365 chocolate sandwich cremes
365 chocolate sandwich cremes - Jenn Carnevale / Static Media

Whole Foods shows us once again that a healthier dessert option can be delicious. Its version of the chocolate sandwich creme from the 365 brand took the third spot on this imposter ranking, and it was pretty good. However, if you're looking for a true Oreo imposter -- look elsewhere.

I have to say, this option was super interesting. They don't taste bad by any means, but they don't read chocolate at all. The flavor profile actually tastes like their vanilla cookie counterparts. And while the frosting was yummy, sugary, creamy, and sweet, there is nothing Oreo about these cookies.

At the end of the day, there are some deterring options on this list, so since 365 cookies were delicious and edible, they ranked lower than most. The ingredient list is also better than some of the others, and while they're not organic, the non-GMO label and pronounceable nutrition profile can speak for itself. These don't taste like Oreos, but they do taste good, which is more than some of the options on this ranking can say.

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's Joe-Joe's cookies
Trader Joe's Joe-Joe's cookies - Jenn Carnevale / Static Media

It's not surprising to me that I put Trader Joe's attempt at the Oreo in the second spot. This beloved store offers an array of snack foods that people know and love, but Joe-Joe's sandwich cookies definitely don't taste like Oreos -- stay with me.

The cookie itself is light and airy with little chocolate flavoring. They almost have a chocolate animal cracker vibe to them. I did like the texture and the crunch, but even with a strong bite, they still melt in your mouth after a few chews. The filling tasted like vanilla, but while it was delicious, it was overshadowed by the cookie flavoring.

I'd probably eat these again, but not if I was trying to fill my Oreo fix. What I will say is that these are a good option if you need to scratch a cookie itch. I always enjoy an easy-open, resealable bag, too, and with a list of pronounceable ingredients, I feel good eating a few (or a sleeve) in one sitting.


Benton's chocolate sandwich cookies
Benton's chocolate sandwich cookies - Jenn Carnevale / Static Media

Taking the first-place spot is my new favorite store -- Aldi. The Benton's chocolate sandwich cookie is the only cookie on this list that tasted like an Oreo (or even came close), and dare I say, these are better? While the ingredient list isn't clean, my care is long gone, and I think you'll agree after just one bite.

The cookie is a little too crunchy to be a real Oreo, but for me, I liked that aspect. You don't get any hint of that cookie being stale, as the crunch boasts freshness. There is way more actual chocolate flavoring compared to an Oreo, too, and the cream filling is spot on, with vanilla, sugar, and sweet, sweet goodness.

With an easy-open, resealable container and no weird flavors, smells, or aftertastes, it was easy to crown Benton's the champ. Honestly, I'd take these over an Oreo any day –- I think I'm becoming part of the Aldi cult! Give them a try and see for yourself. I promise you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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